Curing Excuse-Making Syndrome

It feels good to externalize responsibility but that often leads to career and life failure.


Straight talk on what works in the real world.

Career Advice for Geniuses (Revised and Expanded)

Smart people don't have it as easy as many people think. Help is here.

Hiring and Keeping A Players

Hiring is an employer's most important task. Here's how to hire the best.

The New Rules of Success

While some time-honored rules remain key, there are new ones.

Pursue an Artistic Career? Advice for You and Parents

Careers as writer, actor, artist, musician are seductive but when are they worth the risk?

A Workover: I'd Like to Work at Home

There are savvier work-at-options than stuffing envelopes.

Toward Living and Dying Well

An exercise and suggestions to help deal with the ultimate questions.

Dealing with an Intense Person

Hard-driving people can be invaluable...if you know how to bring out the best in them.

A Workover: What If Your Supervisees Won't Work?

The art of managing people who can't be fired.

Living with Type-A Behavior

You're a hurried, angry person. Now what?

Do You Want More or Less Control of Your Life?

Some people want more control, others are exhausted by it.

Countering "I'm Bitter" Syndrome

When life has beaten you down, you can be embittered. Here's possible help.

Countering "I'm Bored" Syndrome

When you're bored at work, with a relationship, or have a bored child.

A Workover: Angry at Her Boss

Helping an angry person look at her complaint in full dimension.

"I'm Useless" Syndrome

Some people feel that additional accomplishment isn't worth the effort. This article explores the issue.

Countering Sad Business Owner Syndrome

Small business owners don't have it easy. Perhaps these ideas will help.

Countering Sad Artist Syndrome

Artistic people have reason for malaise but there are solutions.

Countering Sad Millennial Syndrome

20-somethings face challenges but there's hope.

Countering Sad Politically Incorrect Syndrome

Being out of step with the times can be dispiriting and tough to cure.

Preventing and Addressing Unhappy Family-First Syndrome

A surprising number of people who prioritized family over career came to regret it.

Sad Lawyer Syndrome and How to Prevail

A docket of solutions for our many unhappy attorneys.

Wealthy-But-Sad Syndrome and Ways to Address It

Surprisingly often, a side effect of wealth is sadness. There are solutions.

Treating Sad Counselor Syndrome

It's not easy being a therapist, counselor, or coach. These ideas may help.

Sad Teacher Syndrome and How to Remediate It

Teachers have ever greater reasons for dissatisfaction. But it's remediable.

Sad Physician Syndrome and How to Heal It

Docs have many reasons to be unhappy and many ways to improve their situation.

Sad Job-Seeker Syndrome and Antidotes

The misleadingly low unemployment masks real pain among many job seekers.

A Workover: A Procrastinating Bad Test Taker

A caller presented a series of dilemmas common among young adults.

A Workover: A Young Adult Who Is Ready for a Real Career

This article presents a process you may find useful in picking a career.

Out-of-the-Box Activities to Push You Off Autopilot

Many of us become victims of habit. These activities may disrupt that.