I asked former U.S. Secretary of Labor Robert Reich if he planned to write another book. He said, “Young people don’t read books. If I want to change behavior, I need to create clever one-minute videos."

I liked that idea so I’ve created what I hope is a clever, but helpful one-minute video on time-management. HERE is the link.

In case you’d like a text version, here’s a slightly enhanced version of the script.

It really does take only 60 seconds to tell you all you need to know about time management. And I’m willing to put my life on the line to prove it. I point to a toy time-bomb timer set for 60 seconds and the timer starts.

1.  You need to care to be more time-effective. So realize that the more you get done, the better you’ll feel. Make your goal to get the most done (say with humor:) not do the least you can get away with.

2. To establish your priorities, write a personal mission statement: Maybe it’s to make money, maybe it’s to cure cancer, or maybe to date Jennifer Lawrence—whatever. 

3. Avoid time-sucks like TV, or golf, or trekking to your 2nd cousin’s twice-removed’s 3rd wedding in Dubuque.

4. Have a voice always whispering in your ear: not, “Is this the best way?”, not “Is it the fastest way?” but "Is it the most time-effective way, the way that yields the most benefit per minute?" Like this video. (Look at bomb timer, get scared, and talk faster.) I better start talking faster. If you don’t know the time-effective way, ask someone.

5. Have a sponge activity ready. In a waiting room, supermarket line, or public transit, read, answer email, or simply think about your current problem. Look at bomb timer, get even more scared, and talk even faster, like will I get this all in in 60 seconds.

6. Delegate more. Hire an intern at work or hire someone a few hours a week to do home chores you hate—Anyone want to clean my… AHHHHHHHHH!

Cut to the video clips of an explosion.

I’m now covered with soot, my head is down, eyes closed. It’s unclear if I’m alive. Then I groan and slowly open my eyes.  

Einstein (my dog,) come here. Are you okay?

Einstein, covered with soot, jumps on my lap and kisses me.

Sean, can we do another take?

Wikipedia’s profile of Marty Nemko tells you more than necessary.

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