In Defense of Duty

Duty and responsibility have lost stature to autonomy and creativity--Alas.

"People are a Minefield"

One in my series of short-short stories with psychological implications.

Advice for Burned-Out Lawyers

Incremental and major suggestions for the unhappy attorney.

For Burned-Out Teachers

Solutions for people in a high-turnover profession.

Becoming More Efficient

Making better use of your time.

Happiness Through Solitude

Another in my series on people who prefer to be alone.

Writing as a Source of Psychological Comfort

The sort of speech I wish President Trump would give.

From Stress to Genes, Baboons to Hormones

An Interview with Robert Sapolsky

The Silenced Majority

To avoid Civil War II, we must encourage moderates to speak up.

Marketing is Evil

Marketers use many psychological ploys to make you buy what you shouldn't.

A Reclusive Twin

The latest in my series of interviews with people who'd rather be alone.

Not Everything is Black and White

Dealing with subjective judgment in the workplace.

A Literary Recluse

The latest in my series of interviews with people who'd rather be alone: “Expecting people to be decent, caring human beings has repeatedly been proven to me to be a mistake.”

Best and Worst Self-Help Tips

The best from my 8 books and 3,000-plus articles. Plus: Some baddies.

Choosing a Calendar

The psychology of what to put on your wall and desk.

Career and Workplace Predictions for 2017

Forecasts and trends that may affect your worklife.

Making and Keeping the Damn Resolution

Tactics that might actually work... at least for a while.

The Most Emotional Events of 2016

It’s been a harrowing year.

Counseling Ethically

Important, perhaps not-obvious best practices.

Ideas from 50 Self-Help Classics

Self-Help tips that have stood the test of time.

An Atheist in Praise of Bible Stories

We'd benefit by banishing the double-standard for fiction and Bible stories.

YOUR Ghost of Christmas Past, Present, and Future

Does your past and present suggest a change you want in 2017?

Inventorying Your 2016

Reviewing your 2016 can set the stage for a good 2017.

Reactions to Some Not-Sappy Christmas Quotations

A bit of unconventional reading for Christmas Day.

Using GoogleSearch Time-Effectively

A few tactics can improve your use of information’s preeminent harnesser.

Managers' Problems on the Job and in Finding One

Answers to frequent challenges faced by managers and leaders.

Dating Smart

A thinking person's guide to meeting a mate.

Christmas for Atheists and Agnostics (updated )

How non-believers can enjoy Christmas.