An internal dialogue.

The Extra-mile Inventory

A self-assessment: Do you do what it takes to get an above-average result?


New discoveries are moving us closer to a time when parents could opt to ensure their child have high intelligence. Here's a short-short story that explores an implication.
Courtesy, Marty Nemko

Doggie Tips

Ensuring yours is a joy

Counseling to Find a Good Job

What I'd actually do if I needed to land a good job

The Future of the World

A debate between an optimist and a pessimist.

41 Useful Words and a Fun Way to Learn Them

The final installment in a five-part series on vocabulary building for helping professionals

Questions and Answers for Employees 50+

Asking yourself these questions and using these tactics can really help.


A short-short story about worth

New Widow

A short-short story about mismatched aging.

Five-Minute Career Advising

How helping professionals can help clients take a good first step.

Should You Consider a Career in Sales?

Sales is an underrated career but is right only for a special kind of person.

An Ordinary Life

A short-short story

Saying What You Intend

16 distinctions you should make.
Max Pixels, Public Domain

The Beyond-the-GRE Words Quiz

A fun way to learn 21 hard but useful words. Plus the 325 words that were on my to-learn list.

The Meaning Behind the Meaning

A short-short story about lexical love.

Will Humans Be Necessary?

Abridged and updated version.

Should You Change Careers or Merely Pivot?

A transcript of an exchange with a caller to my radio program.

Inducing the Swoon

How an average person can land an above-average job.

Answering Want Ads

An underrated tool for landing a job...if used properly.

Jobs the Robots Can't Take

Jobs that should be plentiful, even in a highly-automated world.

46 Uncommon But Useful Words

Good additions to the counselor’s vocabulary.

About to Get Fired

A transcript of the exchange between a caller and me on my radio program.

The Retirement Party

A short short story.

The Bar-Mitzvah

A short-short story about being judgmental.

“Do You Take This…”

A short-short story about the decision to marry.

“Are You Going Crazy?”

A short short story about middle-class doubt.

Managing People

What you may not learn in business school.