Getting Off to a Good Start on Your New Job

How to make the most of those first days on the job.

A Contrarian Approach to Negotiation

A kinder, gentler, often wiser approach to negotiating your compensation.

The Effective, Ethical, and Less Stressful Job Interview

Sitting there passively and giving canned answers is a formula for failure.

Using Recruiters (Headhunters) Wisely

Why recruiters can be key to some job searches—and how best to use them.

Ethical (and Effective) Letters for Job Seekers

Job-seekers' letters are much more likely to be helpful if they are more human, honest and devoid of job-seeker jargon than the typical such letter. And your letter is much more likely to meet those criteria if you write it yourself, even if it's less well-written than if you hire a resume writer.

A Contrarian Approach to Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile

Primped resumes are suspect and certainly don't establish the needed chemistry.

The One-Week Job Search

Job seeking feels daunting but you can accomplish much in just one smart week.

Networking for People That Dislike It

Guidance for introverts and for people who find networking anathema.

Getting Well-Trained for Your Career

These strategies will boost your hireability, competence, and confidence.

An Analytical Approach to Finding Your Career

What are your core skills, interests, values, and non-negotiables?

A Holistic Approach to Choosing a Career

Picking a well-suited career can be simpler than you may think.

Straight Talk to Artists Who Want to Make Money

The artistic temperament is antithetical to making money. You better fight that if you expect to make a living from your art. Otherwise you have a hobby.

Older Sad Man Syndrome

Although not clinically depressed, many of my older male clients are sad.

"It's Amazing"! "It's The Worst!" Stop with the Hyperbole

We lose credibility when we exaggerate how good or bad people or things are.

All You Need to Know to Learn to Play By Ear

Standard piano methods are stressful--You must perfectly reproduce every note. And standard methods are inimical to the goal of most would-be pianists: to easily play popular sings by ear, perhaps even leading sing-alongs. The method I teach in this article and video is much more likely to help you achieve that goal...with more pleasure and less stress.

Is Being Closed-Minded Always Bad?

At some point, are we wise to settle on a position?

Should You Focus on the Neediest or on the High-Potential?

Our hearts reach out to the neediest but is that where we'll do the most good?

How Much Do Self-Help Articles Help?

We devour self-help articles but how often do we improve as a result?

Shortcuts to Competence

Time-effective learning methods that can avoid a back-to-school stint.

Fantasies That Have Helped My Clients' Reality

Seven fantasies that may trigger your own useful ones.

Why Many Rich People Are Frugal

The unusual mindset of many rich people...and why you might want to adopt it.

Overcoming Fear of Looking for a Job

Practical ways to get past your fear of putting yourself out there.

A Letter to a Person Struggling to Land a Full-Time Job

My best thoughts on how to land a job in a competitive field.

Worthy Proverbs and Silly Ones

We’re affected by proverbs, aphorisms, and slogans…and not always for the good.

Use Checklists More

Why checklists are so helpful and how to create a critical one.

Evaluating a Counselor, Coach, or Psychotherapist

Evaluation may be the most valuable skill we're not taught. I attempt to do so in this article.

How I Try to Make My Work Life Healthy

We're working longer and harder. At least we can work healthier.

Should You Start Your Own Business?

An internal debate to help you decide whether you should be self-employed.

Public School? Private School? Home School?

It's better to have good teachers and good kids in bad buildings than bad teachers and bad kids in good buildings.

The case FOR social media, TV, phoning, and video games

Why parents shouldn't worry so much about their kids' electronic recreation.