Career Advice for New Graduates in a Tough Market

Viable careers, tactics for vetting a job, and using it to launch a good career.

If You Didn't Have to Work, Would You?

A short-short story about the work-optional world of 2050.

Helping a Mean Child Become Kinder

Tips for parents, teachers, and other caretakers.

“Girls Rule!”

What your boy is seeing about his sex

Ethical Dilemmas

Exploring nine common conundrums.

Good Grandparent Moments

Some reminders of things to savor

A Relaxed Job Interview

How to get and stay calm, well, calm enough.

One-Hit Wonder

A short-short story about a has-been, who feels his best days are behind him.


An internal dialogue.

The Extra-mile Inventory

A self-assessment: Do you do what it takes to get an above-average result?


New discoveries are moving us closer to a time when parents could opt to ensure their child have high intelligence. Here's a short-short story that explores an implication.
Courtesy, Marty Nemko

Doggie Tips

Ensuring yours is a joy

Counseling to Find a Good Job

What I'd actually do if I needed to land a good job

The Future of the World

A debate between an optimist and a pessimist.

41 Useful Words and a Fun Way to Learn Them

The final installment in a five-part series on vocabulary building for helping professionals

Questions and Answers for Employees 50+

Asking yourself these questions and using these tactics can really help.


A short-short story about worth

New Widow

A short-short story about mismatched aging.

Five-Minute Career Advising

How helping professionals can help clients take a good first step.

Should You Consider a Career in Sales?

Sales is an underrated career but is right only for a special kind of person.

An Ordinary Life

A short-short story

Saying What You Intend

16 distinctions you should make.
Max Pixels, Public Domain

The Beyond-the-GRE Words Quiz

A fun way to learn 21 hard but useful words. Plus the 325 words that were on my to-learn list.

The Meaning Behind the Meaning

A short-short story about lexical love.

Will Humans Be Necessary?

Abridged and updated version.

Should You Change Careers or Merely Pivot?

A transcript of an exchange with a caller to my radio program.

Inducing the Swoon

How an average person can land an above-average job.

Answering Want Ads

An underrated tool for landing a job...if used properly.