Answering Want Ads

An underrated tool for landing a job...if used properly.

Jobs the Robots Can't Take

Jobs that should be plentiful, even in a highly-automated world.

46 Uncommon But Useful Words

Good additions to the counselor’s vocabulary.

About to Get Fired

A transcript of the exchange between a caller and me on my radio program.

The Retirement Party

A short short story.

The Bar-Mitzvah

A short-short story about being judgmental.

“Do You Take This…”

A short-short story about the decision to marry.

“Are You Going Crazy?”

A short short story about middle-class doubt.

Managing People

What you may not learn in business school.

Straight Talk for Employees 50+

What works for people in their workilfe's final years.


19 issues we shouldn't be so sure about.
Pixabay, CC0 Public Domain

12 Questions We Should Ask

The right questions can make all the difference.

11 Questions Everyone Should Ask Themselves

Introspections that can lead to personal growth and better decisions.

13 Things Many People Don’t Do…But Should

Relationships, your internal self, career, money, the big picture.

Ten Things Everyone Should Stop Doing Now

Behaviors likely to make you perceived poorly or otherwise make your life worse.

“Why I Renounced Sex”

A short-short story about a man’s decision to become celibate.

Dual-Income Couples

Competition, dividing chores, long-distance relationships, time for each other.


How an older person’s life went from a 6 to a 7.

The Arguer

A short-short story.

Developing Drive

The best approach to increasing motivation depends on what’s suppressing it.


A short-short story


A short short story

A Journal Entry About Rumination

Another short-short story.

“Who Am I?”

How I help clients find a career...and themselves.

Coaching Accomplished People

Some different approaches may be required.

Compensation Negotiation for Employees

Advice for the currently employed but with implications for job seekers.

Will Humans Be Necessary?

Career and personal implications of increasing automation.

Closing: Aging, Luck, Hypocrisy

A short-short story about aging, luck, and hypocrisy.