Job Hunting Reinvented

If you are competent, this method will demonstrate it compellingly to employers..

The Unveiling

A Jewish tradition with lessons for us all.

Training Reinvented

A radically different approach to training mental health professionals.

Declare Your Independence From That Which Shackles You

Is it finally time to start throwing off your chains?

The Most Beautiful Flowers on Earth: A Spiritual Experience

Staring at a flower can be a spiritual experience for atheists...or anyone else.

The Dejobbing of Society and What to Do About It

The synthesis of my interviews, readings, and thoughts on the subject.

Hunkering Down

Finding contentment if, in our so-called improving economy, you're still struggling.

On Turning 65

My thoughts on reaching the traditional retirement age.

A Workover: Should You Follow Your Passion?

Advice I gave to a caller to my NPR-San Francisco radio program.

Workover: A Retired Analyst Needs a Job

Advice I gave to a caller to my NPR-San Francisco radio program.

A Workover: A NonProfity Person is Sick of Abusively Low Pay

She always KNEW she'd have a career in museums but can only get low-pay gigs.

Stories of Seclusion: After A Face Lift

The weeks of seclusion after a face lift are scary and high-stakes.

Stories of Seclusion: A Driven Scientist Suddenly Stops

A brilliant dropout succeeds, makes a million, and throws it away—literally.

Stories of Seclusion: Low Sex Drive Pushed Him to Isolation

"The last taboo topic" drives a man into seclusion.

Stories of Seclusion: Obese, She Decides to Lose It Alone

It's tempting to hide to avoid embarrassment and hearing what we need to.

Stories of Seclusion: A Practical Man Gets a Jolt

What can happen when a loner loses his only friend, his dog.

Stories of Seclusion: Diary of a Laid-Off Man

Occasionally, getting away to write can heal and be your best self-marketing.

Stories of Seclusion: The Power of a Solo Trek

Suddenly widowed, Madeline decides to push well beyond her comfort zone.

Stories of Seclusion: Running Away from the Pressure

An installment in a series on people who spend much time alone.

Stories of Seclusion: Freddie the Falafel Fella

One of the myriad ways an introvert can find their way in the world.

Stories of Seclusion: Trauma Sends Him Into Isolation

His wife's death in childbirth sends him into seclusion and a career change.

Stories of Seclusion: A Pot-Abusing Dealer Becomes Paranoid

Heavily using and dealing weed turns a 18-year-old into a recluse.

Stories of Seclusion: A Person with Major Depression

A composite story of a person compelled to be alone because of depression.

Stories of Seclusion: A Cloistered Nun

A composite story of a woman who chose to enter an "enclosed" order of nuns.

Stories of Seclusion: A Couple is Married But Live Apart

A composite story of a couple that grew to prefer much solitude

Stories of Seclusion: An Episodic Recluse

An installment of a series on people who choose to spend much time alone.

Stories of Seclusion: Reclusive So They Can Work Long Hours

A father and son feel that work is more important than relationships.

Stories of Seclusion: The Perfectly Happy Recluse

A composite story of a person ideally suited to a reclusive existence.

Stories of Seclusion: He's Out of Step With the Times

A conservative who feels dismissed by the mainstream.

Stories of Seclusion: She Prefers Books to People

A composite story of a person who likes to work with others but play solo.