Careers for Data-Oriented People

The third in a series on interesting careers.

Careers for People People

The second in a series on interesting careers.

11 Careers for Word People

The first in a series on interesting careers.

Smart Onboarding

Tips for getting off to a great start on your new job.

Three Questions for New Grads

Should you defy the conventional choices?

Making Your Education Career-Ready

Wringing maximum benefit from your undergraduate or graduate experience.

Seven Tips for College and Graduate Students

Common-sense ideas that, alas, are too-often neglected.

The Case for Not Giving Grades

Furthering intrinsic motivation while reducing undue student stress.

13 Societal Trends

Awareness of societal trends helps us make sense of our fast-changing world.

Starting Out

Your first school year out of school. (Gulp!)

“Set for Life”

A short-short story about a farmworker who won the lottery.

Who Gets Our Stamp of Approval?

We revere the wrong people.

7 Keys to Coping with a Loved One’s Serious Illness

An interview with a psychologist whose wife has cancer and is recovering from a stroke.

Failure to Listen

A short-short story about suppression and commitment bias.

Rely Just on Word of Mouth?

The case for self-employed people doing little or no marketing.


A short-short story about an attempt to stay relevant.

14 Career Myths

Common sense often trumps conventional wisdom.

Ultra Fast Ways to Land a Job

Six Hail Marys for the desperate or impatient job seeker.

20 Preachy Pleas

Did your parents tell you these?

Senior Self-Employment

Seven ideas well-suited to older people that haven’t previously been self-employed.

The Corner Cutter

A short-short story about the wisdom of dotting every i.

Secrets to an Okay Marriage

Getting to, staying at, and appreciating a 70th percentile relationship.

Watch What You Say

There are more minefields than ever.

The Perfect Romantic Dinner

That first private dinner can be among life’s most pleasurable evenings…or not.

Serious Messages in Jokes About Therapists

Unspoken issues that practitioners and patients may want to consider.


A debate: Should society's Haves redistribute more of their assets?

20 Questions

Your answers may help you find the right career.

Your Career Values

A self-assessment than can help you make wiser career choices.

Perfect Suicide?

A short-short story about hubris, a future president, and nuclear war.

Tech Tools for Your Career

Free and low-cost ways to make your career life easier and more successful.