How I Try to Make My Work Life Healthy

We're working longer and harder. At least we can work healthier.

Should You Start Your Own Business?

An internal debate to help you decide whether you should be self-employed.

Public School? Private School? Home School?

It's better to have good teachers and good kids in bad buildings than bad teachers and bad kids in good buildings.

The case FOR social media, TV, phoning, and video games

Why parents shouldn't worry so much about their kids' electronic recreation.

The Jews Are Going Extinct

Why that’s bad, why it’s coming, and how to stop it.

Your Health Care, America's Health Care, Today and Tomorrow

The Affordable Care Act/ObamaCare is already causing shortages. How can you cope? What should society do?

Are Commercials More Deceptive Than Ever?

Advertising’s new efforts to manipulate us require us to be savvier.

Good Jobs Are Going Away... And What to Do About It

The low unemployment rate masks the real situation... and what to do.

Are They Workaholics or Heroic?

Imagine that you work long work weeks and instead of being praised for your hard work, you are demonized.

What Does That Person Really Mean?

For different groups, the same sentence can have a very different meaning.

When You Feel Washed Up

An exploration of what to do when you feel out-to-pasture.

Your Dark Side’s Upside

Why you might add some societally discouraged behaviors to your toolkit.

Should You Give Advice?

The pros and cons of giving advice.

Aging Well

A practical guide to the not-so golden years.

Dismiss Pollyanna

Beware of people who cheer you on with Pollyannish optimism.

Making Peace with Your Aging

An internal dialogue to help you focus on constructive thoughts and actions.

Is Electronic Recreation So Bad?

The case FOR TV, videogames, Facebook, etc.

The Nation Seems Sadder...and How We Might Better Cope

Many factors in modern life are making happiness more elusive.

Light Therapy for Seasonal Affective Disorder

How to use a light box for seasonal depression.

Forming a New Habit

Eight tactics that could actually create a better you…permanently.

Aging Gracefully

Decline is inevitable but how we deal with it isn’t.

Top Ten Career Tips for Starting Out

Keys to career success for new graduates or people changing careers.

My Top 10 Best Careers for Psychology Today Readers

In-demand, psychologically-oriented careers that offer money and satisfaction.

How Emotional Should You Be?

An internal debate on the benefits and costs of a heart-centered existence.

Tough-Love Tips for Career Success

Advice you’d probably not hear but should.

Should You Follow Up?

An internal debate on if, when, and how to deal with a non-response.

What If You Talk Too Much?

The cure for verbosity depends on its cause.

More Lessons I Learned from My Father

Being no-nonsense is often seen as too tough. My dad taught me otherwise.

The Most Important Lesson You'll Ever Learn

The danger of looking back, the power of looking forward.