The Slug

What to do with the slow and ugly.

The Bee

A fable that raises stinging questions about the life well-lived.

Venus and Iris

A children's story but not really. How much should we sacrifice for love? And are there different expectations for men and for women?

Male Suicide: The Silent Epidemic

There's a serious gender gap in suicide.

A Workover: She's Complaining About Her Boss

Sometimes, the boss isn't the problem.

A 30 Year Old With a Career Dream She Hasn't Acted on

A transcript of a part of my session with a client.

An Overwhelmed Graduate Student

A transcript of a part of my session with a client. Many lessons embedded.

The Story Game

A game you can play with yourself or a client that can yield key revelations.

Use of Music in Counseling and Coaching

Artistic ability—music, photography, even coffee-making—can enhance sessions.

A Workover: 33, Successful, He's Tempted to Chuck it All

The exchange between a caller to my NPR-San Francisco radio program and me.

A Workover: A New College Grad Wants a Career in Advertising

My exchange with a caller to my NPR-San Francisco radio program.

Career Advice for Men

Part 4 in a series of career advice for boys and men.

Career Tips for Boys' Parents: On College and Other Options

Part 3 in a series of career advice for boys and men.

Career Tips for Boys' Parents: Helping Him Explore Careers

Part 2 in a series on career advice for parents of boys and for men.

Career Tips for Boys' Parents: Toward Moderate Self-Esteem

Part I of a four-part series of career advice for boys and men.

A Workover: An Engineer Wants a New Career But is Scared

Married with a child , he desperately wants a new career but fears he'd lose too much income. He's also scared of having to go back to school: the years of time with zero income, indeed that would cost him thousands.

Why Planned Parenthood is an Exceptionally Worthy Charity

Make politicians' efforts to eviscerate Planned Parenthood backfire!

A Foundational Approach to Economic Anxiety

Capitalism is vulnerable. What will replace it, and how can you be happier?

Three Keys to Effective Conversation

For better conversations, follow the Ping-Pong, Traffic Light, and One-Second-Pause Rules.

Addressing Sad-Child Syndrome

How parents might help the many kids who aren't clinically depressed but are sad.

Countering Sad Athlete Syndrome

Many athletes are plagued by worry.

Should You Chuck Your Career? An Internal Debate

You have a meh career. Time to press reset?

Crispness: A Little-Discussed Key to Career Success

Unsuccessful people often lack focus and get sidetracked.

Pristine Pleasures

Instant balms for our complicated lives.

Vetting Employers

You're more likely to end up happy on a job if you vet employers as they vet you

Advanced Tips for Launching or Relaunching Your Career

Ideas for jump-starting your career.

How Do We Really Feel About Mass Syrian & Other Immigration?

An internal debate exploring this psychologically & practically difficult issue.

Integrity in a Job Search?!

Deceiving to land a job is unwise pragmatically as well as ethically.

How to Cope with Waiting

It's painful to have to wait for an answer. These suggestions may help.

On Today's Walk

Musings on life, health, reading people, aging, education, and dog training.