Thoughts on Action Versus Reflection

My answer to a relative's question.

Foiling Dishonest Job Seekers

Advice for employers and job hunters.

A Fresh Start Yet Again

A short-short story about passivity, resilience, and change.

Sam’s Saga

A short-short story about the next 20 years in a typical new graduate's career.

On the Difficulty of Getting People to Change

Even extraordinary measures won't work if the client only claims to want change.

A Kinder, Gentler Approach to Kim Jong Un

Psychological and communication tactics for reducing conflict, even when dealing with a "monster."

Tips for Sub-Clinical Sadness, Worry, Anger, and ADD

Sometimes, self-help can be enough.

Where Will the Jobs Be?

It’s usually two steps forward, one step back, but the trend has been forward.

An "Intelligence Pill"

One of humankind's most world-improving goals.

Pressing the Button

At death’s door, she revisits her life.

Making This Your Child’s Best School Year Yet

“What did you do in school today?” “Nothin.”

The Case for Eclecticism

The benefits of counselors working from any one theoretical framework are usually outweighed by its limitations.

The Ridiculousness of Unconditional Love

The key to a good relationship is realizing that love must be earned every day.

Career Issues I’ve Changed My Mind About

11 examples of revised thinking that may abet your career.

An Ode to the Worker Bee

In tribute to employees on Labor Day

Fighting Your Weaknesses

Quick tips for ameliorating 10 common inhibitors of success.

Becoming a Successful Employee

The art of fitting in while retaining your personhood.

Gaining Your Instructors' Respect

Hint: grade-grubbing won't do it.

What If You Lose Your Job?

Turning a lemon into lemonade

How the Media Influences Us...Perhaps Without Our Awareness

We explore using an example: the play, The Book of Mormon.

A Career Searcher's Saga

A short-short story with practical implications.

Hands-On Careers

The fourth in a series on interesting careers.

Careers for Data-Oriented People

The third in a series on interesting careers.

Careers for People People

The second in a series on interesting careers.

11 Careers for Word People

The first in a series on interesting careers.

Smart Onboarding

Tips for getting off to a great start on your new job.

Three Questions for New Grads

Should you defy the conventional choices?

Making Your Education Career-Ready

Wringing maximum benefit from your undergraduate or graduate experience.

Seven Tips for College and Graduate Students

Common-sense ideas that, alas, are too-often neglected.

The Case for Not Giving Grades

Furthering intrinsic motivation while reducing undue student stress.