A Better Idea for Mark Zuckerberg: A Super-Intelligence Pill

Instead of his likely unrealistic goal of trying to cure all disease, he should fund research to create a super-intelligence pill.

Changing Someone's Mind

Tips I'm only moderately confident in...but they're the best I can come up with.

The Gig Economy

Is that trend good psychologically? Economically? For society? A debate.

The Art of Giving Advice

How to make suggestions the recipient will actually embrace.

Make it Fun?

A debate between a hedonist and a work-centered person.

Meeting the Intended

Musing on an underdiscussed signal moment.


What would you say to your mirror that you couldn't say to any person?

On the Personal Essay

A The Eminents Interview with Phillip Lopate

Parenting That Made Me Cringe

Parenting lessons from watching what not to do.

Training Smart

Whether you're the trainer or trainee, how the training is dispensed is key.

When Your Teen Has Done Something Very Bad

Screw-ups as learning opportunities.

On Being Practical

An underrated way to live.

On Making Mistakes

Thoughts on how to make fewer mistakes at work, outside work. Plus when risking failure is good.

Educators and Geneticists Should Talk

Education researchers act as though genes don't exist. They need to talk with top behavioral geneticists like Robert Plomin and to basic geneticists like George Church.

The Experimental Parent

The Eminents Interview: T. Berry Brazelton

Practical Ethics

Philosopher Peter Singer takes questions about how best to spend money for positive change and thorny subjects like human enhancement.

Are People a Minefield?

We need to be more careful than ever in what we say.

Beating the Odds

The commencement speech I'd give.

Islands of Sanity

Ways to escape the maelstrom

Having Trouble Finding a Good Job? Keeping a Good Job?

You may be less at-fault than the govt.-trumpeted "unemployment rate" implies.

On Using Animals in Medical Research

Musings on a Neal Miller quote

Wise Words

51 underused terms.

Subtle Distinctions

32 near-synonyms that shouldn’t be used interchangeably.

On an Albert Bandura Quote

How work can enhance family life.

On Closing the "Word Gap"

The 30-million word-gap "cure:" A confusion of correlation with causation?

How the End of Jobs Could Be a Good Thing

A scenario for how the likely serious jobs decline would create a kinder, gentler civilization.

On a Freud Quote

When does introspection cross the line into self-absorption?

On a Carl Rogers Quote

When are you defending yourself versus being defensive?

On a B.F. Skinner Quote

What do you remember from your education? What are the implications of that?

Post-Presidency Career Advice for Obama With Lessons for All

Career ideas for the president, with implications for all of us.