In Praise of My FlipNote

My favorite possession is overpriced at $8.00 yet to me is priceless.

A Day in the Life of a Doggie's Daddy

Details that may help you decide whether to adopt a pooch.

8 Hard, Big Questions and My Insufficient Answers

Thinking about these questions can lift us above our quotidian concerns.

An Interview with Tony Robbins

The famous self-improvement expert's advice on achieving success in career, weight loss, resiliency, and public speaking.

Status Is the Enemy of Contentment

Are you paying too big a price for prestige?

My Wife Interviews Me

Musings on making a difference, the decline of free speech and of good jobs, and fear of death.

The Case for Confrontation

Sometimes, a confrontation and refusal to back down is what's required.

Difficult Conversations

Alan Dershowitz talks about race, rape, and other third-rail issues.

The Psychology of Scientific Advancement

An interview with Michio Kaku

Loyalty Is Overrated

Why loyalty's benefits are often outweighed by its liabilities.

Raising an Unhurried Child in a Hurried World

A The Eminents Interview of David Elkind

The Nice Guy

Is being kind worth it?

Paving the Way to Starting a Business

A corporate employee wants to knowledge-up. How?

Becoming a Go-to Guy/Gal

Career searchers and counselors: Focus less on choosing, more on excelling.

The Manipulator

We're more vulnerable than we may think.

The Case for Copying

Why rote learning such as memorizing and copying is underrated.

The Scholar

A short, short story about change.

Summer Reading for the Psychologically Minded

A half-dozen helpful but accessible how-to books plus one touching novella.

Three Career Apps You May Not Know About but Should

Beyond LinkedIn, Indeed, SimplyHired, and Glassdoor

What Does It Really Take to Be a Successful Entrepreneur?

Musings on the essence of the successful business owner or leader.

How They Attempt to Get Our Vote

A The Eminents Interview of Larry Sabato.


A short story about a person whose life was ruled by fear.

Thoughts on Turning 66

Musings of possible relevance to Psychology Today readers.

Cultivating Charisma Redux

Lessons from our most charismatic leaders

SuperCourses: Education Truly Reinvented

Imagine your child getting immersive education taught by the world's best.

Does Your Self-Concept Match How Others See You?

A tool for comparing your self-assessment with how you're perceived

What’s It Really Like to Be a Social Worker?

Countering myths and misconceptions.

Just Choose a Career Already!

A fast yet effective way to choose and prepare for a career.

The Multi-Ring-Circus Career

The new way we’ll work and live

A Waiter Wants to Change Careers

Summary of a career counseling session.