Questioning Medication

Questioning Medication

I've been on antidepressants for years. Am I allowed to say I don't like that? And when can I come off them?

A Bagel by Any Other Name

Food used to be the most effective way to communicate, but eventually I realized it's just a dead language.

Seared, Roasted, or Baked

Toward the end of my anorexia, I believed even thinking about food was wrong. And here I am today, excited about new bread recipes. What gives?

Moderate Drinking for the Former Anorexic

Does a recovered anorexic face specific obstacles when she tries to moderate her drinking habits?

Way To Go, Lovato

Lovato has always been open about her eating disorder and self-mutilation, but why only now is she disclosing her history of substance abuse?

"Liking" Sickness

Social media can connect people in productive, healthy ways, but when the users are sick or aspiring to be, the consequences are more pronounced.

The Harm in Nutrition Apps

Nutritional apps are ubiquitous, but do they really teach us what it means to be "healthy?"

Mourning a Stranger

When I find out a girl I knew in the hospital passed away, I struggle to grieve for her.
Visiting the Past

Visiting the Past

A writer volunteers at a psych ward where she was once a patient, and again confronts her stereotypes––negative and positive––about those who suffer from mental illness.