Your Real-World Life Expectancy? About 26 Years.

And you thought smoking shortened your life.
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How to Be Miserable During the Holidays

Tired of "Holiday Stress Tips"? This year, let's embrace the dark side.

The Causes of Misery: Column A and Column B

Why do we become unhappy? There are two sets of factors, and knowing the difference between them can help us know how to cope.

Forget the Inner Child: What About the Inner Adult?

We've all heard about the importance of the inner child in the creation of a sustaining life. But what about the inner adult?

The $10 Million Question

What if you could win a large sum of money just by making yourself feel a little worse?

And in America, Gunshot. Again. Again. and Again.

Why psychology is not the answer to mass murder.

Welcome to Misery!

For much of the past 20 years, psychology has been obsessed with the quest for happiness. Maybe it's time we looked in the other direction.