When Hope Became an Endangered Species: November 22nd, 1963

What the Kennedy Assassination can teach us about hope

How Football and Concussions Sack Hope

Does post-concussion syndrome lead to hopelessness?

MLK's I Have a Dream: A Great Dose of Hope

Martin Luther King's I Have a Dream continues to provide hope.

Keys to Building Hope in Children: Part 5, Spirituality

Do not ignore a child's spiritual needs

Keys to Building Hope In Children: Part 4, Mastery

This is what sustainable mastery looks like.

Keys to Building Hope in Children: Part 3, Problem-Solving

How to Teach Children to Cope with Hope

Keys to Building Hope in Children: Part One

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Why Football Cannot Last: The Tau of Hopelessness

Football is incompatible with a civilized society.

Newtown, Connecticut: From Fear to Hope

Was Adam Lanza suffering from Hopelessness?

Contrasting Profiles in Hope: Obama vs. Romney

Who provides more hope: Obama or Romney?

Why Spring Is the Season of Hope

It is true that hope does not melt away in the summer; it is not rendered fallow in autumn nor does it perish in the deep freeze of winter. But none of these other seasons can match the bounty of hope that greets us in the spring.

Hope, Rage and Fort Hood

Welcome to my blog. My name is Tony Scioli (pronounced "showli"). I am a clinical psychologist and professor of psychology who has been studying hope for several decades. For the past 10 years I have been working on a new theory of hope. Along the way, I've written two books on the topic as well as conducting a number of related experiments and developing tests to measure hope and hopelessness. Starting today, I will be blogging on hope for Psychology Today (Hence the title for this post, "Hope for Today").