6 Myths About Intimacy

Both men and women have myths about intimacy. The problem with these myths is that when believed, they can result in dysfunctional relationships.

The 5 Secrets for a Happy Life

Happiness is in fact a practice and a lifestyle. We can all be happy right now. Here are 5 Secrets to Happiness to begin the practice of happiness in your life today.

4 Ways To Be A More Authentic Person

People are attracted to authenticity. Here are four techniques that help you be your most authentic self, even in uncomfortable situations.

Why The Internet Is So Addictive

We often over-use the Internet as an escape hatch from our daily lives, which can eventually develop into a technology addiction.

How to Tell if Your Child Is Depressed

If you’re waiting for your child to admit to being depressed, you’re going to be waiting a long time. Maybe too long. As parents, we need to be proactive and know the signs of childhood depression.

4 Ways to Keep Your Cool, No Matter What

With these four simple steps we can become emotionally resilient, gracefully and calmly handling every situation that comes our way.

One Simple Mood-Boosting Trick

Harnessing the mind-body connection can instantly change your mood. Here's how in 5 simple steps.

Is Porn the Most Prevalent Drug?

Pornography is an increasingly widespread addiction, that continues to fly under the radar of common concern. Do you know just how addictive porn can be?

How The Internet Is Causing Divorce

Online relationships can be like Astroturf: it may look greener than your real-life relationship, but it’s not truly alive.

Five Tricks to Beating Winter Depression

The days are getting shorter and the weather is getting colder. Are you getting more depressed? Learn how to identify the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder, and apply these five simple tricks to shake the winter blues.

The Most Important Keys to a Healthy Diet

Incorporating these 8 simple steps into your daily eating regimen can help you achieve the health you are working towards.

The 3 Worst Things We Learned As Children

These three belief systems are both the most common and the most toxic beliefs we develop as children.

The 4 Bad Habits That Could Ruin Your Relationship

Relationships are complex, and require constant nurturing. Avoiding these four bad habits can prevent long-term issues, and ensure a happy, healthy relationship.

Do You Worry Too Much?

Are you a natural worrier or do you have an anxiety disorder? Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference.

6 Signs That You're Addicted To Something

Engaging in a pleasurable activity is not inherently wrong. Whether it is watching Netflix, social media, going to the gym, eating healthy, eating junk food, having sex, or playing video games, each of these activities have a line that crosses into negative territory.

Which Is Worse: Ebola or Fear-bola?

The hype surrounding Ebola has given way to a new epidemic: Fear-bola. Most people are more at risk of these Fear-bola anxieties and irrational fears than of Ebola itself.

The Reason Behind Workplace Romance

We've all heard of romantic relationships between co-workers. But do you ever wonder why these initially professional relationships cross into intimate territory so frequently?

6 Ways to Become More Positive Today

Our thoughts influence all aspects of our lives. Creating a habit of positive thinking can transform not only the way you view the world, but how you move through it. These six simple steps can help you become a more positive person.

The Psychology Behind Hoarding

America's fascination with hoarding reveals a growing epidemic; it's estimated that one in every fifty people struggles with severe hoarding. Understanding the causes and symptoms of chronic hoarding may help you prevent the accumulation.

How To Find Purpose And Happiness Each Day

Following these seven steps will help you evaluate your daily routine, and provide you with practical ways to find happiness, purpose and joy each day.

6 Happiness Hacks

We can't always control what happens in our life, but we can control how we respond. Learning to master your mood, regardless of the situation at hand, is the first step to a life filled with happiness.

The Physical Dangers of Stress

Did you know that stress may cause many of your physical ailments? Stress is an unavoidable reality in today's society, which means that learning how to effectively deal with stress in your life could be the key to long-term health.

9 Ways to Manage Difficult Conversations

Your ability to effectively communicate, especially in contentious situations, can make all the difference in your family, friend, marital, and work relationships.

How to Talk About School Shootings with Children

With the recent spate of violence at schools around the country, it is important for us as parents and mentors to understand how best to talk with our children about these sensitive issues.

Multitasking: An Asset or Flaw?

Although multitasking is often touted as a valuable skill, our overstressed, frenetic society is losing its ability to focus on a single task. With brain science revealing our limited capacity to successfully concentrate a multiple things at once, we may need to reevaluate our approach to multitasking.

Four Ways To Help Boys Process Emotions

Because women tend to dominate the realm of emotional processing through their outward, verbal style, the emotional processing methods of boys and men are frequently overlooked. Understanding the common and healthy techniques males use to process emotion can help you coach, teach and esteem the young boys and men in your life.

The Four Major Roadblocks to Happiness

The pursuit of happiness is deeply ingrained in our very being. Resolving these four aspects of your life could remove your happiness roadblocks, and help you realize the bliss you desire.

Is Your Son Turning Into Pinocchio?

Has your son become a chronic liar? There are many reasons why children turn to lying. Understanding the cause for your son's lying behavior is the first step in correcting this behavior. Once the underlying issue is addressed, simple parenting techniques can transform your Pinocchio back into an Honest Abe.

9 Tips for Communicating With Your Teenage Son

Are you struggling to connect with your teenage son? Teenage boys are notoriously difficult to communicate with, but by employing basic male brain science you can become a communication expert.

Is Facebook Destroying Friendship?

We are able to stay in touch with our social networks easier than ever before. But as the number of people we connect with increases, our available time to cultivate deep, meaningful friendships decreases. With technology perpetually on the rise, we need to make a conscious effort to achieve a healthy balance of both quantity and quality of friends.