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Our health is tied to what we eat more than any other variable, but the system that produces and sells our food is in freefall. Marketing messages are spun to totally misrepresent the truth and corporate interests are being served over those that support public health. For example:

“O Trans Fat,” doesn’t actually mean zero trans fat.

Tropicana 100% Pure Orange Juice turns out not to actually be 100% pure. Far from it.

Foods labeled, “All Natural” have no literal relationship to the meaning of the words all natural

Nature’s” so-called sweeteners, Truvia and Nectress have nothing to do with nature, other than in concept alone.

We are drinking anti-depressants, birth control hormones and other drugs in our water to the extent that some hypothesize men in cities with a higher incident of women on birth control are more likely to develop prostate cancer

We are being baited and switched with fraudulent seafood scams, meaning the fish on your plate isn't the fish you think is on your plate.

There is arsenic in our rice.

Fish swimming in the waters where the BP oil spilled have gross deformities

All this, and none of it even begins to address the antibiotics, hormones and other chemicals in our meats. And then of course, there was the whole pink slime debacle.

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Our honeybees are dying. Dead birds are falling from the sky and so too have dead fish washed ashore with no explanation. And we think this is natural? We keep hearing that the levels of toxins and contaminants are not high enough to hurt us.  But at what point does someone say that low levels stacked on top of each other create high levels that are ultimately too great a burden for our bodies to bear?  

Try as we may to manipulate Mother Nature, we should know better by now that it doesn't work.  She always wins. 

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