Leucidal Liquid: Safe or Not?

A study shows surprising results from a leading natural preservative.

Is Constant Fighting Our Destiny?

Fixing this election and those in years to come.

Two Habits That Will Improve Your Health Forever

Eating healthy is not what it used to be. These new habits will go a long way.

Does Faking It Make Us Happy?

We live in a world of smoke-n-mirrors, deeply challenged to face reality, honesty and truth.

A Relationship Advisor Talks About How To Be Single

A chat with Tamsen Fadal about her new guide to empowerment after a big life change such as a breakup or divorce.

Wanting and Finding Love After Fifty

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Sex and Intimacy: The Same or Different?

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Your Relationship with You

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Are Learning Disabilities Being Exaggerated?

Wouldn’t it be nice if ADHD were abandoned in favor of something that taught us to see and appreciate children as they are?

When Is True Love True?

The desire for true love runs deep.

Are Married Women Secretly Sexually Frustrated?

Many husbands, and now wives, are turning to sexual outlets rather than to each other for gratification.
Do Pesticides Cause Depression?

Do Pesticides Cause Depression?

Depression more than doubled from 1987 to 2007 in adults and increased by 35 times in children over the same period. Why?

Are You Afraid to Say What You Think and Feel?

The prevalence of thinking it is bad to say something that is considered “negative” is not serving us well.
When Words and Behavior Don't Match

When Words and Behavior Don't Match

There can be a disconnect between a person’s mind and his or her deeper internal world, and it shows.
Paige Bradley: Expansion

The Spirits Behind Spirituality

We seem to accept a shared understanding that spirits are “things” that emerge from our bodies after we die, yet we don’t share an equal understanding when “spiritual” is used to describe something in the here and now.
3 Reasons Men and Women Can’t Be Friends

3 Reasons Men and Women Can’t Be Friends

There are some realities when it comes to male and female friendships. And, there are in fact occasions when men and women can't be friends.

Our Obsession With Celebrity

Does the media get an A or an F for the Angelina Jolie double mastectomy coverage?

Our Food System Is a Shambles

What is the problem with the FDA?

How Healthy Food Made me Sick

What started out as a stomachache turned into a complete meltdown inside my abdomen.

The Abuser and His Press Conference

From Spitzer and Schwarzenegger to the priests, teachers and now Cain, Sandusky and Fine, their speech writers should be fired.

Six Reasons & One Cause for Cheating

It's as complicated as we make it.