From Tribalism to World-Citizenship

Between the rockets from the Gaza strip and the endless debate about Iran, last week I participated at an event that showed where Israel could be heading—the first Israel Singularity Convention held at the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Jaffa.

Psychoanalysis Meets Existentialism: Robert Stolorow on Trauma and Authenticity

Our culture is addicted to the promise of quick fixes for all ailments. Robert Stolorow, in a poignant study of trauma, shows that only by embracing life's tragic dimension, can we truly understand our own lives, and live them authentically.

The Arab Uprisings: The Beginning of a New Solidarity?

Is the wave of protests in the Arab world the harbinger of the new politics of Homo globalis?

Celebrity and the Power of Reality TV

Celebrity has become the modern version of fame: the road to immortality. The allure of Reality TV is that it documents the 'magical' transformation of ordinary mortalis into demigods of celebrity.