Is Atheism Just Another Religion?

Do strident atheists practice a form of religious zealotry? Does atheism lead to violence? Is The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins as likely to engender violence as say religious texts rooted in genocidal hatred of non-believers?

Why Do Individuals Enlist with ISIS? Ask Russell Brand!

Russell Brand has offered key factors that supposedly drive people to sign up with ISIS, none of which deal with religion.

How Do We Know If a Religion Is Peaceful?

Is there a scientific and rational method that can be used to establish whether a religion largely preaches peace or violence?

Sex Differences in Educational Attainment

When it comes to the number of university degrees conferred at American universities to US residents, one sex is unequivocally ahead. No cries of sexism?

Which Ten Historical Figures Would You Invite For Dinner?

If you could invite ten historical figures to your next New Year’s Eve dinner, who would they be? Read on to find out the results of an informal survey that I conducted along with my own list. Happy Holidays!

Are Recommendations on TV Medical Talk Shows Valid?

Experts on television medical talk shows (e.g., The Dr. Oz Show; The Doctors) dispense a wide array of advice to audience members. Are such recommendations scientifically valid? A recent study sheds light on this exact issue.

The Pathologies of Cultures of Honor and Shame

Cultures of honor and shame yield many undesirable outcomes at both the individual and group levels. One’s misplaced pride to save face can lead to shameful behaviors possessing little to no honor.

Which Countries Score the Lowest on Freedom of Thought?

When it comes to freedom of thought, which countries obtained the lowest ratings in the 2014 Global Report on Freedom of Thought? Are there any variables that might help us predict which countries are likely to make it on this execrable list?

Atheists Are Murderous, Perverted Beasts!

Beware of atheists. Apparently, they are much more likely to commit countless acts of moral depravity. Those beasts!

Bored to Death…Literally!

Experiencing prolonged boredom can be hazardous to your health.

New Age Gurus: Dispensers of Nonsense

The New Age movement works because humans have a desperate need to find hope and meaning in an otherwise chaotic and unpredictable world. Speaking of which, as an Evolutionary Quantum Hakim (EQH), I can offer you three key universal truths.

Ben Affleck to Sam Harris: Gross Racist!

On last night’s Real Time with Bill Maher, Ben Affleck attacked Sam Harris for his “gross racism.” I offer an analysis of key aspects of their exchange.

Does More Sex Lead to Greater Happiness?

You want to maximize your happiness? Read the results of two studies that have examined the sex-happiness link.

Judging Those Who Never Judge

In their desire to appear progressive and liberal, many people are deeply reticent to cast any judgments. This is contrary to human nature, as the ability to judge is part of our evolved repertoire of cognitive and emotional strategies.

5 Life Lessons From a Lost Ring

This past weekend I lost my most prized possession: My wedding ring. Through a miraculous set of circumstances, I found the ring and along the way was reminded of important life lessons.

Why Do Women Apply Facial Cosmetics?

Most women apply make-up without necessarily knowing the exact biological-based signals that they seek to accentuate via this particular form of beautification. The mystery has been solved!

Top-Performing Male Athletes Are Hot!

Is part of a man’s athletic prowess inscribed on his face? Specifically, do people evaluate top-performing athletes as more attractive even when they do not know the athletes in question (and hence are unfamiliar with their performances)? Read the results of a recent study using Tour de France cyclists.

Rihanna versus TLC

The two surviving members of the all-female group TLC recently publicly chastised Rihanna for her scantily clad attire and overt sexuality. This is to be expected once one understands the evolutionary roots of intra-sexual competition.

Why Do Women Become Porn Actresses?

Why do female porn actresses choose their career path? What are their likes and dislikes of their chosen profession? See the results of a recent study that sought these answers from 176 adult film performers.

Do Babies Make Men Sexier?

When on the campaign trail, male politicians are particularly apt to have their photos taken while holding a baby. A recent study sheds light on this practice: Men who interact with babies are construed as more desirable along several important traits.

Donald Sterling: Do Racists Have a Right to Privacy?

Do individuals have a right to privacy when uttering deplorable and hateful positions during a private chat? Should all individuals caught espousing racist and bigoted views during personal conversations be amenable to severe punishment?

How Do We Choose Our Mates?

People use a wide range of decision rules when choosing a mate. The same suitor might either be chosen or rejected as a function of how one makes the choice. Decision makers beware!

How Your Mate Value Affects Your Responses to Infidelity

Numerous studies have shown that men and women respond differently to the sexual or emotional infidelities of their romantic partners. Does this sex-specific effect vary as a function of an individual’s mate value?

When Evaluating Mates, Women Are More “Irrational” Than Men

“7 out of 10 people who know this person think that this person has an attractive face” and “3 out of 10 people who know this person think that this person does not have an attractive face” are logically equivalent, and yet people end up with different evaluations depending on which version they see. Who is more likely to fall prey to this trap, men or women?

Obama Got Re-elected, Time for Some Porn!

Want to get your man to be in the mood for love? Make sure that the next time that you seek to seduce him, his favorite sports team or favorite politician has won. That will get him going…along with your beauty of course!

Belief in God Across Academic Disciplines

When it comes to religious beliefs, the two extreme points are either absolute certainty that God exists versus absolute certainty that He does not. What are the percentages of academics that fall in each category, and does the ratio of full non-belief to full belief vary across scientific disciplines?

It Was Only Lunch: Don’t Get So Jealous!

Suppose that your current mate were to communicate with his/her ex-partner in one of several ways (e.g., email communiqué, phone chat, coffee get together, meal get together). Which is the one most likely to induce jealousy in you? Read on for a recent study that tackled this exact issue.

Analysis of Death Row Inmates' Last Meals and Last Words

The infamous last meal is an integral element of a death row inmate’s imminent execution. Two Cornell scientists conducted a content analysis of last meal requests and linked these to the inmates’ self-ascribed guilt status. Fascinating albeit morbid topic to study!

Men’s Erections as Peacock Tails

Much information can be gleaned about a man’s health based on the quality of his erections. As such, erections serve as an honest signal of a man’s physical as well as mental wellbeing not unlike the role that a peacock’s tail serves in communicating a suitor’s quality to admiring hens.

How Many People “Should” You Invite To Your Wedding?

What is the average number of guests at a wedding? 50? 150? 300? 500? The answer turns out to be linked to an important facet of the evolution of the human mind.