Big Breasts = Larger Waitress Tips.

Hooters is reputed for hiring shapely waitresses who are otherwise scantily clad. You might also recall the infamous Seinfeld episode wherein Elaine is angered by the fact that the restaurant wherein she hangs out seems to have instituted a new hiring policy (big-breasted waitresses). A Cornell professor recently tested the premise that a waitress's breast size might be positively correlated to her is!

Was Gene Simmons (of the Group Kiss) Raped?

Pam Connolly recently interviewed Gene Simmons on the British show Shrink Rap. The host inquired about Mr. Simmons' first sexual experience, to which he replied that he had been seduced during his newspaper route by a twenty-year old female customer when he was 13 or 14 years old. Dr. Connolly proceeded to "explain" to Mr. Simmons that he had been "raped" by this woman, and that this explained why he had gone on such a sexual rampage in his adult life. Nice! 

Your Neighborhood Could Be Making You Sick.

The suburbia effect with its inhospitable urban sprawl has led to "non-walkable" cities that have deleterious effects on one's health (e.g., obesity and cardiovascular disease). Accordingly, the walkability of a neighborhood must be incorporated within a concerted public policy effort to create healthier urban living conditions. 

Sex Differences in Generosity.

Men display differential levels of generosity as a function of the sex of the person with whom they are interacting. Specifically, men are more generous to women than they are to other men. No such effect is evident for women, as they are equally generous irrespective of the sex of the individual to whom they are opposed. 

Beauty: Culture-Specific or Universally Defined?

Whereas many beauty metrics are socially constructed, evolutionarily relevant ones are universally defined. Accordingly, the "beauty-is-a-social construction" tenet is grossly incomplete, misleading, and simply wrong.

Religious Discrimination in Universities: A Personal Story.

Why is it that religiously founded universities can openly discriminate on the basis of religion (as long as they do not accept government funds) whereas secular universities must go through great lengths to accommodate religious requests? Not a single special dispensation should be granted to anyone on the basis of their religion when entering the halls of a secular university. Incidentally, how come atheists cannot benefit from any special dispensation in the university setting? 

Sex Differences in Talkativeness.

Is the stereotype that women are more talkative/verbose than men true? Check out this recent study published in Science that questions the veracity of this commonly held belief.

Women’s Gait Changes Across the Menstrual Cycle (and Men Notice It).

Do women alter their walking gaits as a function of their menstrual status, and if so, are men able to detect such subtle nonverbal cues? It turns out that when it comes to viewing women, men are indeed quite observant! 

The More I Drink, the Prettier You Get.

Consuming alcohol makes us rate the facial attractiveness of others in a more favorable manner. L'Chaim! Drink up! Salut! À Votre Santé! 

Does God Answer Prayers?

Statistical realities suggest that the likelihood that God will answer your prayers is extremely small. Actually it is perfectly indistinguishable from random chance. 

Good-Looking Professors Receive Higher Teaching Evaluations.

The what-is-beautiful-is-good effect has been documented across numerous social settings. Does it occur when students evaluate their professors' teaching effectiveness? The answer is an empathetic yes! Attractive professors (both men and women) receive statistically significantly higher teaching evaluations than their "non-hot" counterparts. 

Bill Maher Is Getting Annoying: Moral Transgressions Are Not Reserved For One Political Party.

Bill Maher hates the religious mindset yet he seems to have a religious-like partisanship to his preferred political party. Quite ironic that an individual who proclaims to be so logical can be so lacking in nuanced thinking. Such is the poisonous allure of all-or-nothing thinking.

Sex in the Old Testament: God is a Darwinist.

In the Old Testament, men of high-status (patriarchs, kings, judges) had a lot more sex than their lower ranked counterparts, as evidenced by the fact that they had more wives, more concubines, and they took the liberty to have sex with greater frequency with the men of other women, as well as having a lot more sex with their slaves and servants. It pays to be a King!

Men Use Fancy Words to Impress the Ladies.

Hey ladies, check out this HUGE...lexicon: Sycophantic people who act obsequiously are execrable. Can I have your phone number?

Men’s Preference for the Female Hourglass Figure.

Recent data originating from wildly different sources including an analysis of advertised online escorts, eye-tracking and brain imaging studies, and elicited preferences of men from Papua New Guinea, all point to the same incontrovertible fact: Men have an innate preference for the hourglass figure. 

You Want To Smell Better: Don’t Eat Red Meat!

Women evaluated men's body odors as more pleasant, more attractive, and less intense when the men were put on a nonmeat diet as compared to when allowed to eat red meat.

Money Shots, Masturbation, and Sperm Motility.

Men who view pornographic images that are associated with sperm competition (multiple men having sex with one woman) produce sperm possessing greater motility than their male counterparts who view images that do not trigger sperm competition (e.g., an image of three women have sex with one another).

Chocolate Consumption and Women’s Sexual Function.

According to an Italian study, women who consumed chocolate daily scored higher on the Female Sexual Function Index (desire subscale and total score) than their counterparts who did not do so on a daily basis. Chocolate anyone?

Do the Clothes Make the Man?

Women's perceived attractiveness of a man is highly dependent on the socioeconomic status that is signaled by his attire. Furthermore, the likelihood of a woman partaking in any one of six types of relationships with a given man is dependent on the status of his clothes. 

Wearing Makeup Increases Male Advances At a Bar.

When at a bar, women who wore makeup were approached by men more quickly and more frequently than when not wearing any makeup. For a vivid portrayal of the makeup effect, see the beautiful Vanessa Hudgens (pictured here).

Paper Linking MMR Vaccine to Autism Has Been Retracted.

In light of The Lancet's retraction of the paper that had supposedly demonstrated a link between the MMR vaccine and autism, I wonder what Jenny McCarthy's next move will be. 

How Likely Is a Woman to be Taller Than Her Man?

Notwithstanding the desirability of tall men, it appears that the most important issue is not that the man be taller than a certain height, rather the main concern for women is that their men should be taller than them.

Pornography: Beneficial or Detrimental?

Does pornography yield deleterious effects to individuals and/or society (e.g., increased negative views toward women; increased rate of sexual crimes against women)? The evidence suggests otherwise. As a matter of fact, a recent study finds that the consumption of pornography results in powerful benefits to both sexes.

The Benefits of Simon Cowell’s Harsh but Honest Feedback.

In providing honest feedback, Simon Cowell crushes dreams and bruises egos. In so doing he frees the delusional pretenders from chasing empty dreams. In this sense, he is providing a service not only to the talentless contestants but also to society, by ensuring that such individuals redirect their energies to more productive and beneficial goals. Dream chasing is nice but only if rooted in some semblance of reality.

It Can Be Confusing to Find the One True Religion

It is often proclaimed that religions have more similarities than differences. The problem though is that there are literally an endless number of issues on which religions are diametrically opposed. If a Martian were to move to Earth with the hope of joining the one true religion, how would he decide which of the 10,000 religious narratives is the true one? 

Do Women Have G-Spots? A Twins Study Sheds Light on the Issue.

What is the percentage of women who claim to have a G-spot? Is the likelihood of a woman stating that she has a G-spot in part determined genetically? A forthcoming paper in the Journal of Sexual Medicine sheds light on the matter. 

Miscellaneous Facts About New Year’s Resolutions.

What is the percentage of individuals who make New Year's resolutions? Which resolutions are the most common ones? What is the likelihood of failing to meet your resolutions? What are some factors that drive these failures? Hopefully, some of the information contained in this post will prove valuable in having you meet your personal objectives for the coming year. 

Facts and Myths About the Human Penis.

Many men are obsessed about the size of their penises. Accordingly, I am here to report on some facts and myths related to this big issue (pun intended): (1) Are visible traits such as a man's shoe size correlated to his penis size? (2) How important is penis size to women; and (3) Does a penis' girth or length contribute more to a woman's sexual pleasure?

Perfume Preferences and Body Chemistry

If you are going to offer someone a perfume/cologne as a gift this year, listen up! People prefer perfumes that seem best suited to their unique immunogenetic profiles, as captured by a set of genes known as the Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC). Specifically, preferred perfumes are those that are most likely to augment an individual's body fragrances, as a means of advertising his/her MHC signature.

Atheism and Carpe Diem (Seize the Day)

Seizing the day (carpe diem), living in the here and now, living in the moment: I propose that this common prescription for a happy life is most consistent with atheism.