Breast Symmetry and the Menstrual Cycle.

Women exhibit several morphological changes as a function of their menstrual cycles. One such trait is breast symmetry. Read on to find out how this metric varies across the ovulatory cycle. Cryptic ovulation...not quite! 

Don’t Go Grocery Shopping When Hungry!

If you are about to head off for your weekly grocery shopping, make sure not to do so on an empty stomach lest your wallet might suffer the consequences! 

How Common Is It For Women To Visit A Sex Store?

A recent study finds that women constituted 17% of customers who entered a sex shop. Hence, whereas it is certainly true that this remains a male-dominated activity, a significant number of women seem interested in pornographic material and related sexual accoutrements.

More Reasons To Love Dogs: They Promote Prosocial Behaviors and They Attract the Ladies.

A recent study finds that when a dog accompanies individuals, the likelihood of their requests being complied with (e.g., asking for money, asking for a woman's phone number) increases. Yet another reason to love dogs!Announcement: This is my 101st post. My blog has just surpassed 500,000 total views. Thank you readers!  

The Barry White Effect: Men With Deep Voices Have More Children.

Women prefer men who possess deep voices, as it serves as a good cue of phenotypic quality. If a man's voice is a sexually selected trait then we should expect a link between men's voices and their reproductive success. A recent study set out to test this exact proposition. Ultimately, a dream guy is one who looks like David Beckham and sounds like Barry White. 

Spectators’ Testosterone Levels and the World Cup Final.

Not only do athletes' testosterone levels fluctuate as a function of whether they win or lose but also that of their fans is also prone to such rises and drops. The World Cup Final will be played in a few hours. Irrespective of whether you support the Dutch or the Spaniards, prepare to have a strong endocrinological response. Such is the power of sports viewing.

Car Status and Bullying On the Road: It Pays To Drive a Maserati!

How likely you are to be bullied on the road, or bully others, depends on the status of your car. Time to save up for a Maserati!

Gaydar: It Takes 50 Milliseconds to Identify a Man’s Sexual Orientation.

A very quick glance at a photo (50 milliseconds) is sufficient for both men and women to accurately classify a man's sexual orientation. 

Sex Differences in How Salary Increases Are Perceived.

Which of these two options would you choose: (1) You will receive a $500 salary increase, and your colleague will also receive a $500 salary increase; or (2) You will receive a $600 salary increase but your colleague will receive an $800 salary increase. Does the sex of the colleague matter in forming your choice? Read on to find out if your preference aligns with the research findings.

Congenitally Blind Men Prefer the Female Hourglass Figure (Literally).

A recent study conducted on congenitally blind men confirms that they too exhibit a preference for the female hourglass figure. It's getting tougher for social constructivists to argue that media images are to blame for supposed "arbitrary" and sexist preferences. 

Women’s Preconception Diets and Their Likelihood To Have a Boy.

Mothers: Having a rich diet within the preconception stage, as well as consuming cereals will apparently increase your likelihood of having a boy. Consumer behavior meets reproductive medicine! The teaser image could not be more à propos! 

The Allure of a Female Hitchhiker’s Breast Size (To Male Drivers)

Does a female hitchhiker's likelihood of being picked up by a driver depend on her breast size, and does the sex of the driver moderate the effect (if any)? 

Are Taller People More Satisfied With Their Lives?

Taller people report higher levels of life satisfaction, happiness, and enjoyment, and lesser levels of physical pain and sadness. Apparently, it is well worth it to be tall.

Two Paths to Immortality, Neither of Which Requires Religion.

There are two ways for humans to be immortal, neither of which requires a belief in a deity. The teaser image captures these two paths, namely genetic propagation and memetic diffusion (shown here as a musical score that might "live" on forever).

Photos of Sick People Trigger a Staunch Immunological Response.

A forthcoming paper in Psychological Science finds that the mere viewing of photos of communicable diseases (e.g., an individual sneezing) triggers a concerted immunological response in those exposed to the visual stimulus.

Female Friendships: Birds of a Feather Flock Together (On Looks).

Do women form friendships with same-sex others of roughly equal physical attractiveness (which I hereafter refer to as the Mean Girls effect in honor of the 2004 teenage movie of that name)? See the interesting findings obtained in a recent study published in Human Nature. 

The Suicidal Culture of Self-Hate.

It would seem that to be a self-respecting American progressive, you must adopt the affectations of cultural self-hate. According to many "liberal" academics, the United States is to blame for nearly every conceivable global ill that has ever taken place. 

I Am the Best! Is Overconfidence a Heritable Trait?

Many people succumb to the so-called overconfidence bias, namely, holding a rosy belief of one's abilities. Is this proclivity to be overconfident due to nature, nurture, or both? Not surprisingly, a recent study finds that overconfidence is a product of both our genes and our unique environments. 

The Entrepreneur’s Psychological Traps.

In my experience, I have found that entrepreneurs commit three classic decision making errors: (1) Build it and they will come; (2) Outlandish overconfidence that does not permit one to learn from incoming information; (3) Selectively focusing on information that supports one's decision whilst ignoring that which disconfirms it. Taken together, these constitute the perfect elements for a bad decision making recipe.

Death of Common Sense Will Spell the End of Free Societies.

Postmodernism, deconstructionism, cultural relativism, political correctness, and an ethos of collective self-guilt constitute the perfect brew for creating the collapse of Western liberal democracies.

Are Married Men More Desirable?

The wedding ring effect refers to the folk belief that married men, who signal their marital status via the wearing of a wedding ring, are construed by women as more desirable. Before you single guys rush out to buy fake wedding bands, read this post! 

Big Breasts = Larger Waitress Tips.

Hooters is reputed for hiring shapely waitresses who are otherwise scantily clad. You might also recall the infamous Seinfeld episode wherein Elaine is angered by the fact that the restaurant wherein she hangs out seems to have instituted a new hiring policy (big-breasted waitresses). A Cornell professor recently tested the premise that a waitress's breast size might be positively correlated to her is!

Was Gene Simmons (of the Group Kiss) Raped?

Pam Connolly recently interviewed Gene Simmons on the British show Shrink Rap. The host inquired about Mr. Simmons' first sexual experience, to which he replied that he had been seduced during his newspaper route by a twenty-year old female customer when he was 13 or 14 years old. Dr. Connolly proceeded to "explain" to Mr. Simmons that he had been "raped" by this woman, and that this explained why he had gone on such a sexual rampage in his adult life. Nice! 

Your Neighborhood Could Be Making You Sick.

The suburbia effect with its inhospitable urban sprawl has led to "non-walkable" cities that have deleterious effects on one's health (e.g., obesity and cardiovascular disease). Accordingly, the walkability of a neighborhood must be incorporated within a concerted public policy effort to create healthier urban living conditions. 

Sex Differences in Generosity.

Men display differential levels of generosity as a function of the sex of the person with whom they are interacting. Specifically, men are more generous to women than they are to other men. No such effect is evident for women, as they are equally generous irrespective of the sex of the individual to whom they are opposed. 

Beauty: Culture-Specific or Universally Defined?

Whereas many beauty metrics are socially constructed, evolutionarily relevant ones are universally defined. Accordingly, the "beauty-is-a-social construction" tenet is grossly incomplete, misleading, and simply wrong.

Religious Discrimination in Universities: A Personal Story.

Why is it that religiously founded universities can openly discriminate on the basis of religion (as long as they do not accept government funds) whereas secular universities must go through great lengths to accommodate religious requests? Not a single special dispensation should be granted to anyone on the basis of their religion when entering the halls of a secular university. Incidentally, how come atheists cannot benefit from any special dispensation in the university setting? 

Sex Differences in Talkativeness.

Is the stereotype that women are more talkative/verbose than men true? Check out this recent study published in Science that questions the veracity of this commonly held belief.

Women’s Gait Changes Across the Menstrual Cycle (and Men Notice It).

Do women alter their walking gaits as a function of their menstrual status, and if so, are men able to detect such subtle nonverbal cues? It turns out that when it comes to viewing women, men are indeed quite observant! 

The More I Drink, the Prettier You Get.

Consuming alcohol makes us rate the facial attractiveness of others in a more favorable manner. L'Chaim! Drink up! Salut! À Votre Santé!