Who Utters “I Love You” First: Men or Women?

Both men and women believe that women are more likely to be the first to utter “I love you” in a romantic relationship. A recent study explored this pervasive belief. The results might surprise you.

Christopher Hitchens: The Personification of Intellectual Courage

In a culture of cowardly political correctness, Christopher Hitchens was a courageous intellectual knight who staked his positions in a forceful and honest manner without any concern for “creating offense.” The world has lost a great voice. Rest in peace Mr. Hitchens. Your work has touched, and will continue to influence, millions of people around the world.

Blasphemy Laws Belong in the Dark Ages

Freedom of speech and blasphemy laws cannot coexist. They are contradictio in terminis (contradictory terms), not unlike atheists who believe in God and pregnant virgins. Any attempt to curtail freedom of speech, especially the public criticism of any religion, should be roundly rejected.

Women Fake Orgasms as a Mate Retention Strategy

Gentlemen: If your woman fakes orgasms frequently, you might be to blame for reasons that have nothing to do with your qualities as a lover.

How Often Do People Lie in Their Daily Lives?

How frequently did you lie over the past twenty-four hours? Are there huge differences across individuals in terms of their proclivity to lie? Are men and women equally likely to lie? A recent national survey yields some surprising findings.

No Platypuses, Polar Bears, or Cassowaries in the Bible?

All animals mentioned in the Bible are indigenous to the Bronze Age era of the Middle East. Couldn’t God, ruler of the universe, have extended His zoological treatment to include the platypus (Australia) and Tyrannosaurus rex?

Students Criticizing Professors Online: A Right or a Violation?

A recent court case in Canada pitted students’ rights to publicly criticize their professor (on Facebook) against a university’s right to impose an internal code of conduct in the pursuit of its mission statement. Who’s right?

Top NFL Quarterbacks Have More Attractive Faces

Are top male athletes better looking than their less talented counterparts? Data using NFL quarterbacks suggests that this is indeed the case.

Can Voice Pitch Predict Attributions of Infidelity?

Men and women who possess deeper and higher voice pitches respectively are perceived as more likely to cheat on their romantic partners.

The Beauty Myth versus the Veil: A Feminist Perspective

Many feminists in the West argue that the male gaze is a form of assaultive patriarchal oppression whilst proposing that the burqa, chador, and related accoutrements serve to “liberate” women from their subjugation as sexual objects.

Tattoos on Some Men = Bad Boy = Good Genes

Why are tattoos perceived as sexy on some men but not on others? The same tattoo will be perceived differently if sported by Johnny Depp versus Paul Giamatti. It boils down to tattoos in part serving as a biological signal of good genetic stock.

Which Family Members Offer The Largest Wedding Gifts: Maternal or Paternal Side?

If you are about to wed, and you wish to maximize the size of the aggregate loot that you’ll receive as gifts, tilt the guest list toward your maternal side of the family!

Service Providers: Compliment Your Customers, You’ll Receive Larger Tips.

When a service provider offers you a compliment, do you accept it as truthful or discount it as Machiavellian in spirit? It turns out that customers react favorably to such compliments via their wallets…compliments translate into larger tips.

Which Religious Edicts Are To Be Taken Literally Versus Figuratively?

Ask ten religious experts which religious passages should be taken literally versus those that are to be interpreted figuratively, and you’ll receive twelve opinions.

Sex Differences in Hand Washing Rates After Using a Public Restroom

When it comes to hand washing after the use of a public restroom, pray that your restaurant chef is a woman.

Eleven Year-Old Debunks Therapeutic Touch: The Case of Emily Rosa

The scientific method is the best framework available to us when seeking to establish the veracity of a given claim. Emily Rosa, who in 1998 was only eleven years old, published a paper in JAMA that debunked the central claims of Therapeutic Touch. Now that’s a democratic system!

Do Women Have a “Fireman” Fantasy?

Men: If you’d like to obtain the phone number of a woman, ask for it while dressed in a fireman’s uniform. It also won’t hurt if you step out of a Ferrari whilst holding a miniature poodle in your hands.

Judging a Man’s Physical Strength Via His Voice: The Darth Vader Effect

Do you think that you can gauge the physical strength (formidability) of an individual simply by listening to his/her voice? A recent study suggests that people have an uncanny ability to do so.

Tasseography: Predicting Your Future Via Coffee Stains. Really!?

Why do people believe in astrology, Tarot cards, the reading of tea leaves and coffee stains, and crystal balls?

Is the Menstrual Cycle Linked to the Timing of Sexual Assaults?

Are women more likely to be sexually assaulted at different points in their menstrual cycles? Read on for a recent study that explored this exact issue using data collected in Northern Ireland over a seven-year period.

Women Are More Likely to Recall Status Products When Maximally Fertile

Gentlemen: If you are trying to impress the ladies with your expensive sports car, she’s more likely to pay attention when she is maximally fertile.

The Protective Health Benefits of Sperm to Pregnant Women

The extent to which a woman has been exposed to her partner’s sperm affects the likelihood of her developing preeclampsia, a pregnancy-related condition.

Want to Know What Burgers and Gift Giving Reveal About Human Nature?

I am very pleased to report that my trade book, THE CONSUMING INSTINCT, is now available. Please read on for early reviews and media interviews, as well as several photos of satisfied readers.

Women’s Voice Pitch Changes Depending on Their Attraction To a Man

Gentlemen: Beware of a woman’s voice pitch. It speaks to whether she finds you attractive or not.

Are Tanned People Perceived As More Attractive?

Many people sunbathe under the assumption that it makes them more attractive. A recent study has confirmed this long-standing premise. Tanned individuals are judged as better looking but beware of the George Hamilton effect!

Sex Differences in Accepting Solicitations for Casual Sex.

When approached and asked to have sex with a stranger of the opposite sex, the great majority of men accept the offer and almost all women reject such a solicitation. No culture exists where this pattern is reversed. See the latest study from France that replicates this universally expected finding.

Purging a Blogger Who Offends Sets a Very Dangerous Precedent

Many individuals, including Jews, support the right of Holocaust deniers to spew their astonishing anti-Semitism at leading universities. What could possibly justify purging bloggers who offend? To quote Noam Chomsky (whose political views I otherwise find distasteful): “If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all.”

Evolutionary Psychology Is Distinctly Nonracist

A dominant pursuit of evolutionary psychology is the cataloging of human universals that transcend cultural, ethnic, religious, and racial boundaries. Accordingly, if anything, evolutionary psychology is distinctly nonracist (in that it is typically minimally concerned with identifying racial differences).

Men’s Testosterone Levels at a Sex Club: Can You Feel the Rise?

What happens to men’s testosterone levels when they visit a sex/swingers club? Well, it depends on whether they actively participate in various sexual activities, or simply engage in some steamy voyeurism.

Evolutionary Psychologists Are Largely Composed of Sexist Men Except…

There is an old expression in Arabic, which when translated into English goes something like this: If grandma had testicles we would have called her grandpa. This quip should be of particular interest to some critics of evolutionary psychology.