Men: Reject Porn and Embrace 'Positive' Erotica?

Can men be taught to reject pornography and develop a preference for positive erotica? Yes, but only if you believe the human mind is a blank slate amenable to infinite malleability via socialization and cultural learning.

How Do People Choose Their Political Leaders?

When casting a vote for a political candidate, people rely on countless peripheral cues such as height, facial features, personal charisma, quality of voice, and warmth of a smile. Bottom line: We vote for those who look and sound presidential.

Masturbating With a Crucifix in a Film… No Riots?

Last night, Stephen Colbert joked about the perception that Jesus might be gay. At the recent Venice Film Festival, the jury granted an award to a film that depicted a woman masturbating with a crucifix. These are astonishingly offensive insults to Catholics. Where are the murderous riots?

Men Like Heavier Women…Especially When Stressed Out!

Psychologically stressed men display a greater preference for women who exhibit heavier body types. This finding, among many others, further dispels the notion that evolutionary psychology is tantamount to biological determinism. By the way, this is my 200th post!

Sex Differences in Crying Across 37 Cultures

Are women more likely to cry than men? Is the stereotype true? If yes, does it hold true across widely different cultures? Read on to find out the results of a recent study that explores this issue across thirty-seven cultures.

Women’s Sexual Fantasies: "It’s Raining Men, Hallelujah!"

A new study sheds light on the content of women’s sexual fantasies as well as on the effect of the menstrual cycle on the extent to which a given fantasy is preferred.

Sex Differences in Attitudes Toward Paternity Testing

If a new program were instituted at hospitals to verify the paternal link between newborns and the purported fathers, how do you think that men and women would react to it?

Women’s Gait and Dancing Attractiveness Across the Menstrual Cycle

Women engage in greater sexual signaling when ovulating. Read about a forthcoming study that highlights this effect as relating to the attractiveness of women’s dancing and gait (as judged by men).

The Necessity of Academic Tenure

Great intellectual breakthroughs are almost always a threat to the currently accepted wisdom. Without the security of tenure, intellectual risk taking is minimized. Tenure is the lifeline of a knowledge generating society.

Which Demographic Profile Is Most Likely to Sunbathe?

Could you guess the likely demographic profiles of excessive sun tanners, pathological gamblers, reckless drivers and/or financial risk-takers, compulsive buyers, pornographic addicts, and patients suffering from eating disorders? Evolutionary psychology offers parsimonious explanations for the universally recurring demographic profiles.

Don’t Romanticize the Canadian Healthcare System

In discussing the pros and cons of a revised American healthcare system (e.g., Obamacare), the Canadian model is often used as the utopian archetype to shoot for. Let me share with you some of my personal experiences with the Canadian system. It’s not pretty.

Life Lessons My Dog Taught Me

My dog Amar is the embodiment of a divine creature. He taught me profoundly important life lessons including the capacity to love unconditionally, to seize the day, and to “not sweat the small stuff.” My love for him knows no limits.

Morality Exists Despite Religion

It is often argued that morality is outside the purview of science. Apparently only religion can explain our moral sentiments. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Food Prohibitions: God’s Will or “Earthly” Cultural Adaptations?

Thou shall not eat crustaceans and mollusks. Is this God’s Will or a cultural adaptation to the threat of toxins?

The United Nations Is a Morally Bankrupt Body

A defining mandate of the United Nations Human Rights Council is to protect and promote human rights around the world. Do you know who sits on the Council?

Lawrence O’Donnell Attacks Mitt Romney’s Religion

Lawrence O’Donnell recently went off on Mitt’s Romney’s religion. Would O’Donnell have been equally “courageous” if Romney’s religion were any one of several other possible ones?

More Good News for Tall Men

There are numerous advantages that accrue to tall men including greater occupational success, and preferential treatment in the mating market. A study from Sweden adds to this long list of height-based benefits.

Freedom = Criticism of ALL Religions Is a Fundamental Right

Either all religions should be fully protected from any criticism (welcome to the Dark Ages) or else ALL religions are equally open to full criticism. No one has an inalienable right from having his/her religions feelings hurt. Such is the price for living in a free society.

Poker Competitions Affect Men’s Testosterone Levels

The mere act of competing against one another yields a rise in men’s testosterone levels. See the results of a recent study using poker as the competitive venue.

In Some Instances, Profiling is Adaptive and Rational

The accepted wisdom among the intelligentsia is that any form of profiling is vile, retrograde, and “racist.” I should agree with this position since I am regularly profiled when traveling to the U.S., right?

Do Gentlemen Prefer Blondes?

Are blonde women more likely to be approached at a nightclub? Are they judged differently (by men) on a broad range of traits (e.g., intelligence, promiscuity, neuroticism)? Read on for the findings from two studies conducted in England.

Is There a Liberal Bias Among American Professors?

We often hear about the Leftist bent at American university campuses. Is this true? See the results of a study that explored voter registration data (Democrat versus Republican) across 11 universities.

Women’s Interest in Casual Sex

In part II of my rebuttal to a recent post by a fellow PT blogger, I report findings from the evolutionary literature regarding women’s penchant for casual sex whilst recognizing that this proclivity is stronger in men.

Don’t Know Much About History, Don’t Know Much Biology Part I

Part I of my rebuttal to yet another Psychology Today article of the genre: “I hate hearing about sex differences. I want to live in a world where such differences don’t exist. I want to believe that men and women are indistinguishable creatures. Anyone who shatters my wishful thinking is sexist and wrong.”

Male Circumcision and Quality of Sex Life (For Both Sexes)

A recent national survey conducted in Denmark explores the links between sexual pleasure (of men and women) as a function of whether a man is circumcised or not. The results might surprise you.

Huge Increase of Calories in Cookbook Recipes

By comparing cookbook recipes from 1936 and 2006, this helps us shed light (not weight) on one source of the obesity epidemic.

Sex Differences Along the Seven Deadly Sins: The Vatican Report

Do men and women succumb to the seven deadly sins in similar ways? A study conducted by a priest reveals some interesting findings.

Use of Vibrators Among American Women

How many American women use vibrators within their sexual repertoire? Furthermore, are there differences between users and non-users when it comes to health conscious behaviors and sexual functioning?

Successful Male Artists Have More Sexual Conquests

Gentlemen: You want to become irresistible to the ladies. Become a successful artist. A recent study validates the adage that women have a weakness for the achieving artistic types. Even Robert Pattinson’s wax replica is intoxicating to his legion of female fans!

Number of Lifetime Sexual Partners: Check Your Testosterone

There are many factors that determine the number of lifetime (opposite sex) sexual partners that an individual will have, including one’s hormonal profile. Men’s levels of circulating testosterone in part determine their “Casanova” quotient.