I Am Driving an Aston Martin…Get Out of My Way!

Do high status people have a greater sense of entitlement? Do they think that laws don’t equally apply to them? Read on to find out about a recent study involving drivers of high status cars and traffic violations.
A Chat With Author and Former Pornographer Dave Pounder

A Chat With Author and Former Pornographer Dave Pounder

I recently had a candid e-interview with David Mech regarding his former career as a pornographer, as well as his recently released book and documentary (about the porn industry).

Very Wealthy Men Marry Much Younger Women

Do you want to know the age difference between men on the Forbes wealthiest list and their wives when they get married? A recent study explored this issue for both men and women on the latter list. Huge age differences are evident when wealthy men remarry.

Eye Color and Perceptions of Trustworthiness

We often hear the term “shifty eyes” in reference to an individual who elicits mistrust. Could one’s eye color carry connotations of differential trust? A recent study explores this question and arrives at some surprising conclusions.

Religion “Solves” Our Fear of Death

Humans face an inexorable problem: They are aware of their mortality. Many religions offer “solutions” to this grand existential angst. Simply believe the particular religious narrative and you shall be granted eternal life. On this note, a recent study, conducted across three countries, sheds light on the relationship between fear of death and religiosity.

Ladies: Are You Attracted to Men With Hairy Chests?

Do most women prefer the smooth skin of a man’s hairless chest or do they exhibit a penchant for a somewhat hairy chest? Also, are there personal, cultural, and situational factors that shape women’s preference on this particular trait?
Sex Differences When Choosing vs. Rejecting Mates

Sex Differences When Choosing vs. Rejecting Mates

How do men and women decide when they have acquired sufficient information to either choose or reject a prospective mate? Are there any sex differences when it comes to the extent of mate search prior to making a decision?

Do Calorie Labels Curb Poor Food Choices?

Do calorie labels at restaurants and other food-related establishments (e.g., ice cream parlors) lead consumers to make healthier food choices?

Religion Flames the ‘Us Versus Them’ Mindset

One of the most regrettable aspects of many religious traditions is that it exacerbates our innate penchant to view the world via the ‘us versus them' prism.

Physical Strength and Attitudes Toward Economic Policies

Does your physical strength determine whether you are for or against wealth and income distribution? The results might surprise you.

Income Level Affects Frequency and Content of Prayers

Are prayers a means for achieving communion with the divine or are they often meant to address very earthly concerns? A recent study linking income to the frequency and content of prayers sheds light on this issue.

Ethicists Argue for the Killing of Newborns

Two Australian-based ethicists recently proposed that the conditions that might render abortion a moral practice should also extend to the killing of newborns, and then coined the practice after-birth abortion!
Which Types of Images Drive Sales of Porn DVDs?

Which Types of Images Drive Sales of Porn DVDs?

Which types of pornographic scenes do men prefer? Here are three possibilities: (1) two or more women having sex with one man; (2) two or more men having sex with one woman; (3) two or more women having sex with two or more men. Make your prediction prior to reading on!

Do Parents Recognize Their Infants’ Cries?

Do all infant cries sound alike or are parents able to discriminate among cries and identify those stemming from their child? Also, are mothers and fathers equally adept in this auditory discrimination task?

Men: You Want More Inches…Gain Status!

Does the social status of a given man affect the perception that people will have of his height? In other words, can the same man be viewed as taller or shorter depending on whether he is described as possessing high or low status? Read on for an oldie but goodie study that tackled this exact issue.

Male Pick-Up Artists Are More Successful On Sunny Days

Men: You want to increase your chances of picking up a woman? Make sure to approach them on a sunny day while walking your dog and wearing a fireman uniform.

Reddened Women’s Genitalia: Turn On or Turn Off?

Numerous studies have found that men’s attractiveness ratings of a woman increase if she is associated with the color red. In a provocative new study, researchers tested the red effect when applied to women’s genitalia. Is redder better? To all the lovers out there, Happy Valentine’s Day!
Is Sexual Infidelity Written On Your Face?

Is Sexual Infidelity Written On Your Face?

Subsequent to viewing facial photos of opposite-sex individuals, which sex do you think is better able to gauge the sexual unfaithfulness of the depicted people?

Sex, Murder, and the Meaning of Life: A Must-Read

A compelling aspect of evolutionary psychology is its ability to explain endless phenomena in our daily lives from the most mundane to the most profound. Doug Kenrick’s recently released paperback “Sex, Murder, and the Meaning of Life” strikes the perfect balance in explaining deep evolutionary principles in an engaging and highly entertaining style.

Women Desire Men Who Compete in Aggressive Sports

From short-term relationships (e.g., a date, a sexual liaison) to long-term commitments (e.g., marriage, parenthood), women display a consistent preference for men who compete in aggressive sports.

Facial Scars: Sexy or Unattractive?

Is a facial scar equally attractive on men and women? Is it viewed as more attractive when judging the desirability of a short-term or long-term partner?

Mortality Awareness: Shackling Curse or Liberating Force?

If you could live your life without any knowledge of mortality (as is the case with our animal cousins), would you choose this option? Prior to answering this question, you might wish to familiarize yourself with the cautionary tale of Hachi, the infinitely loyal dog.

Sex-Specific Toy Preferences: Learned or Innate?

Should parents offer their children gender-neutral toys to avoid the promulgation of “sexist gender stereotypes”? Or might it be the case that toy preferences are a manifestation of universal sex-specific biological forces, and as such are perfectly expected? Toy manufacturers seem to be keenly aware of the correct answer.

Are Porn Actresses “Damaged Goods”?

Anti-porn advocates often proclaim that porn actresses are “damaged goods.” Supposedly they're more likely to: (1) have been victims of childhood sexual abuse, (2) be psychologically damaged and (3) use alcohol and other substances to numb the pain. A recent study sheds some light.

How Widespread Is Sexting Among 10 to 17 Year-Olds?

How likely is it that your child is involved in sexting? A recent study offers an answer to this important question.

Handling Money Makes Men Aspire For More Beautiful Women

Handling money makes men more stringent in terms of how pretty a prospective date must be.

Be Thankful for Your Liberties and Freedoms

Of all things to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day, reserve a moment of gratitude for the free and liberal society that you live in. Most people around the world are not quite so fortunate.
Sexual Signaling at a Nightclub

Sexual Signaling at a Nightclub

What are some key factors that augment the likelihood that a man will approach a woman in a nightclub? An observational study conducted in England yielded some rather unsurprising findings.

Evolutionary Psychology ≠ Biological Determinism

To argue that evolutionary psychology is tantamount to biological determinism demonstrates a profound lack of understanding of biology in general and evolutionary theory in particular.

The Allure of a Man With a Guitar (on Facebook)

Would you like to increase the probability of women accepting your Facebook friend requests? Pose with a guitar in your profile photo.