When Evaluating Mates, Women Are More “Irrational” Than Men

“7 out of 10 people who know this person think that this person has an attractive face” and “3 out of 10 people who know this person think that this person does not have an attractive face” are logically equivalent, and yet people end up with different evaluations depending on which version they see. Who is more likely to fall prey to this trap, men or women?

Obama Got Re-elected, Time for Some Porn!

Want to get your man to be in the mood for love? Make sure that the next time that you seek to seduce him, his favorite sports team or favorite politician has won. That will get him going…along with your beauty of course!

Belief in God Across Academic Disciplines

When it comes to religious beliefs, the two extreme points are either absolute certainty that God exists versus absolute certainty that He does not. What are the percentages of academics that fall in each category, and does the ratio of full non-belief to full belief vary across scientific disciplines?

It Was Only Lunch: Don’t Get So Jealous!

Suppose that your current mate were to communicate with his/her ex-partner in one of several ways (e.g., email communiqué, phone chat, coffee get together, meal get together). Which is the one most likely to induce jealousy in you? Read on for a recent study that tackled this exact issue.

Analysis of Death Row Inmates' Last Meals and Last Words

The infamous last meal is an integral element of a death row inmate’s imminent execution. Two Cornell scientists conducted a content analysis of last meal requests and linked these to the inmates’ self-ascribed guilt status. Fascinating albeit morbid topic to study!

Men’s Erections as Peacock Tails

Much information can be gleaned about a man’s health based on the quality of his erections. As such, erections serve as an honest signal of a man’s physical as well as mental wellbeing not unlike the role that a peacock’s tail serves in communicating a suitor’s quality to admiring hens.

How Many People “Should” You Invite To Your Wedding?

What is the average number of guests at a wedding? 50? 150? 300? 500? The answer turns out to be linked to an important facet of the evolution of the human mind.

On the Follies of the Politically Correct Language Police

Hey, doctor: Don’t you dare use the Body Mass Index chart to categorize me as obese. I am a differently weighted individual. Please use the proper hurt-free terms that celebrate and honor my alternative to six-pack abs albeit equally beautiful soft tissue around my belly.

Greatest Likelihood of Dying is at Christmas and New Year’s

A recent study analyzed 57,000,000+ death certificates from the United States covering the period 1979 to 2004. The objective was to gauge whether individuals were more likely to die around Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. Wishing everyone a safe holiday season!

On the “Wonders” of Astrology: You Will Find Love Soon

Why do so many people believe in the supposed powers of astrology? The answer is to be found in the intoxicating pull of the Barnum effect, namely, the ability to take general and vague statements and personalize them to one’s idiosyncratic reality. But then again, what do I know? I am a Libra.

Women’s Breasts: Female Insecurity But Male Satisfaction

Most people harbor insecurities about specific body parts. While many men are worried about the size of their penis, the majority of women are concerned about the size and shape of their breasts. Are these body image apprehensions warranted?

The Nonsense and Pretense of Coffee and Wine Descriptors

Why do people use nonsensical words to describe foods and drinks? Can a coffee be round and not angular? What does it mean when a wine is austere, animalistic, and yet precocious? It means nothing. It’s nonsensical affectations meant to demonstrate fake sophistication.

Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness

Michael Morton spent 25 years in prison subsequent to having been wrongly convicted of murdering his wife. The lead prosecutor who withheld exculpatory evidence was recently convicted. Care to guess what his punishment was? Prosecutorial misconduct and malicious false accusations seldom receive the due punishments that might be expected from a fair legal system.

People Love to Read About Sex, Penises, Breasts, and Porn

As a means of celebrating my 250th article, I’ve listed my top ten most read posts since joining as a blogger in November 2008. I am thankful to have such a wonderful forum from which to share ideas. Not surprisingly, the common theme throughout my most popular posts: SEX!

Unrealistic Depictions of Women’s Genitalia in Porn Movies?

Male porn actors are on average better endowed than a representative sample of “civilians.” A 2010 study demonstrates that this unrealistic depiction also extends to women's genitalia. So the next time that you watch a porn movie, make sure to not succumb to any unflattering comparisons. Porn actors are out of the norm!

Do Men or Women File for Divorce More Often?

If you had to venture a guess as to whether men or women are more likely to initiate a divorce, what would your answer be? Read on to find out which sex is the ultimate “Terminator”!

Obese Women: Beware of the Court System!

Does the weight of a defendant affect the manner in which jurors might judge him/her in the courtroom? Read on for a recent study that challenges the notion that the American justice system is always fair and blind.

Which Familial Reality Best Predicts Child Abuse?

Who is the most dangerous person in a child’s life? Which individual is most likely to commit child abuse? The answer is to be found in a classic children’s fairytale.

Male Surgeons: Taller and Hotter Than “Mere” Physicians

Male surgeons command large salaries and high social prestige. Now we find out that they are also good-looking and tall. Bastards!

Is Your Boss Perceived as Powerful or Meek?

Do people consider your boss (or you, if you are the boss) as being powerful or lacking in influence? An otherwise “unimportant” factor in how your organization’s chart is drawn has a profound effect on how people arrive at such judgments.

Tales of Unbelievable Coincidences: It’s a Small World!

One often hears the expression “What a small world!” Allow me to share two personal stories that speak to the magic and wonder of chance encounters and the interconnectedness afforded by our modern world.

Shopping for a New Spiritual Movement: So Many Choices!

Many people in the West today are turning away from traditional religions and instead are searching for new spiritual or religious movements. How large is the set of possible alternatives that one might choose from? The answer might surprise you.

Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number (Sometimes)

A few years ago at my university, an individual graduated with his PhD when he was 91 years old. More recently, a long-distance swimmer completed the mythical Cuba-to-Florida crossing at the age of 64. Still think that you are too old to pursue a dream?

Our Brains Have Evolved the Ability to Discriminate

Most people understand the verb “to discriminate” as representing a form of bigotry. This is a rather restrictive connotation of the word. There are many perceptual and cognitive processes that require us to properly discriminate between a set of stimuli lest we might otherwise make poor if not suicidal decisions.

Criticizing Religious Beliefs Is a Fundamental Human Right

Some construe the criticism of religion as impolite and deeply offensive. Others argue that it is a form of hate speech. Well, in Western liberal democracies, freedom from religious offense does not exist (nor should it ever).

Sex Differences in Physical Risk Taking

Why do men constitute the majority of extreme sports enthusiasts (e.g., BASE jumping, free soloing, big wave surfing, and cliff diving)? More generally, why are men much more likely to engage in physical risk taking? It boils down to one main factor: Women!

I Am Driving an Aston Martin…Get Out of My Way!

Do high status people have a greater sense of entitlement? Do they think that laws don’t equally apply to them? Read on to find out about a recent study involving drivers of high status cars and traffic violations.

A Chat With Author and Former Pornographer Dave Pounder

I recently had a candid e-interview with David Mech regarding his former career as a pornographer, as well as his recently released book and documentary (about the porn industry).

Very Wealthy Men Marry Much Younger Women

Do you want to know the age difference between men on the Forbes wealthiest list and their wives when they get married? A recent study explored this issue for both men and women on the latter list. Huge age differences are evident when wealthy men remarry.

Eye Color and Perceptions of Trustworthiness

We often hear the term “shifty eyes” in reference to an individual who elicits mistrust. Could one’s eye color carry connotations of differential trust? A recent study explores this question and arrives at some surprising conclusions.