The Sleeper’s Dilemma

Skipping sleep can hurt your cognitive abilities--and even increase your heart disease and Alzheimer's disease risk down the road. Here's what to know and what you can do about it.

Expanding Waistline, Shrinking Brain?

New research suggests that obesity might increase the risk of memory and cognition problems - and may even be linked with smaller brain size.

Does Testosterone Contribute to Men's Postpartum Depression?

Postpartum depression can affect dads as well as moms. Testosterone might play a role—and has some surprising consequences for the well-being of fathers and their partners.

Are the Hormones of Couples in Sync?

Couples can get under each others' skin, literally. Partners appear to synchronize their stress and reproductive hormone levels over time.

How An Art Break Helps Kids Learn

Integrating play and creativity into the school day may help children learn. Here's an innovative school counseling program that did just that.

Birth Is Just One Day, Parenting Lasts a Lifetime

Most prenatal classes focus on preparing for birth - but ignore what happens after the baby comes. Without postpartum prep, the transition to parenthood can be rocky.

Play Is Serious Business

We evolved to learn through play. But the push towards academics has crowded out open playtime in schools. Play should be treated not as a privilege, but as a core part of learning

In Defense of Millennials

They've been called disloyal, entitled, and needy - but rather than bashing the "selfie generation," let's give them credit for adapting to a harsh job market.

Parenting From Behind Bars

A staggering number of children have parents in prison - and they're six times more likely to end up in jail themselves. How can we help?

You Snooze, You Win

What if you could dramatically improve kids' learning, mental health, and safety by making one small tweak to their schedules? Turns out school start times make a big difference.

The Cost of Neglecting Culture in Therapy

Should psychotherapy treatments be adapted to fit clients’ cultural backgrounds? What does "cultural competence" mean and can it help children with conduct disorders?

This Is Your Brain On Poverty

How does poverty affect the development of the adolescent brain?

Can The “Terrible Twos” Become “Incredible Years”?

Kids' conduct problems can be treated behaviorally. So why is antipsychotic medication use on the rise among 2-5 year olds?

Can Childhood Stress Make You Sick?

A stressful childhood may shape your health in adulthood. Here's why.

The Myth of the Glowing New Mother

Postpartum depression is real. Does it come from a mismatch between modern society and the demands of motherhood?

Hey CDC, You Forgot About Dads!

It's important to protect infants from alcohol exposure. But it's not the sole responsibility of women.

Can You Babyproof Your Relationship?

Will having a baby ruin your marriage? And should policy makers try to help couples transitioning to parenthood?