Insider Dealing

Oscar time, and a missed opportunity for the Best Picture to be of a radically different kind. Even so—a great year for behavioral science in the movies.

Would You Like Lies With That?

Underlying much of the anti-science talk is a fear that if we admit that we are “just another critter,” then all will be lost.

A Tortured Analogy

Psychologists and the use of torture: Can it ever be justified?

Everything New Under the Sun

Time, identity, and immortality

Buying a Pig in a Poke

What psychologists might say about the David Cameron initiation story.

Once More With Feeling

Crisis schmisis. This is how science works. People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.

Dad Max

Mad Max and the battle of the sexes.

The Importance of Being Wanted

Are the children of gay and lesbian parents likely to suffer adverse outcomes?

Fifty Grades of Shale

50 Shades of Grey is part of a pattern of human behavior going back millennia


Sitting down to stand up to the government

Oh "Hedy" Days of Youth!

Hedy Lamarr: What can a screen goddess and inventor teach us about female orgasm?

Damsels Causing Distress

Happy Halloween. Women and horror stories. Not what you might have been led to believe.

Taking the DSM out of BDSM

A more detailed explanation of some of the forensic differences between consensual BDSM and abuse

Fifty Shades of Nay

Kinkiness and abuse are two different things. Scaremongering and moralizing, disguised as science, denies female sexual agency

Without Honor

Uthman Badar was going to talk about honor killings at FODI. He was banned--before saying a word. Not only did we lose an opportunity to defeat his viewpoint--we lost a chance to learn something about ourselves.

Passing Out

Transphobia, The Turing Test, and Cards Against Humanity

Less Research Is Needed in This Area

Slavoj Žižek says that he would rather that students did not bother him. Isn't it time we listened to these wise words?

Penis Mightier Than The Word

Females with penises? Biology gets much weirder than that.

Easter Eggs

Ishtar, Eostre, Easter. The well-balanced fertility goddess has a sex toy in each hand.

Rule 34

Trolls, tentacles, and centaurs. Oh My! Monster pr0n and what it tells us about human nature.

Gender-Based Toys

What sex toys and teddy bears have in common. It's not what you think.

The Myth of the Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm

Doris Lessing. Sex Educator

Mind The Gap

Why is there a discrepancy between male and female orgasm during intercourse?

All You Need Is Love? Nope—You Also Need Knowledge

Why is sex fun? Why are humans such tremendous creatures for getting in their own and one another's ways?

Prisoners of Biology

Female genital mutilation. It is still going on to a frightening degree in sub-Saharan Africa. However, western culture has no reason for smug superiority. The underlying motives for it are highly visible here too.

Shaved Monkeys

Female choice is a key driver in primate evolution. Although humans like to pretend to themselves that they are above such things these mechanisms are clearly visible in sexual preferences and behaviours. The recent Robin Thicke Blurred Lines video gives a vivid example of female choice mechanisms in action.

A Short Word About Porn: Good

Pornography is a (mostly) good thing--as long as it does not substitute for sex education. In particular the grass roots, largely amateur, female-driven porn content on the internet offers us fascinating insights into human nature

Have a Nice (Orgasm) Day

We have lost a great pioneer in human sex research, Virginia Johnson. By coincidence it is also International Orgasm Day--something that very likely would never have happened without her work.

The Lady Vanishes

The human clitoris is larger and more complex than commonly supposed. These facts should prompt us to ask what job(s) it might do.