Two Cheers for Empathy

Paul Bloom has recently (and one suspects slightly provocatively) called for a rejection of empathy. But he has left us little grounds for his alternative "rational compassion."

Regiments of Monstrous Women

Contrary to what you may have heard, women in horror stories are not all lingeried chainsaw victims

Mass Killings: An Evolutionary Perspective

What insights does evolutionary psychology offer about mass killings? Some; but we are still a long way from complete understanding.


Religious and Secular blasphemy accusations come from a similar source. And we need to call a halt to this nonsense.

Estrogen Promise

Have the rumors of the death of testosterone been somewhat exaggerated? In a word: Yes.


Getting in "sync" with a partner may not be a euphemism. Orgasms can help us achieve this, the latest research implies.

Quiz Time!

The Trump regime just issued a preposterous so-called survey which is so riddled with error that I am using it as an end of term quiz for psychology research methods class.

Dem Bones

Most primates (and many mammals) have bones in their penises. Humans don't, and there are some possible reasons for this.

The Last Duel

The last sabre duel in Europe tells us things about present-day disputes.

Elfwick's Law

There is nothing new about a post-truth world. Humans have always wanted to let their hearts rule their heads

Thinking About Thinking

Are minds computers? Yes and no.

Do Try This at Home

Female orgasm: What happens when you try to study it in a more natural setting than labs? Persistent infertility is a hot topic at the moment and this research offers insight.

The Man in the Moon: Faces and Autism

A new study into autism reveals something of what it is like to experience the world this way, and offers a possible early test of the condition.

Life... Don't Talk to Me About Life

The U.K. press recently picked up our paper about violence and gambling. Here's why they (and other traits) tend to go together and why this matters.


Women are not Rubik's cubes, and their orgasms haven't been "solved."

Things Which Ain't So

Are folk right to tell you not to trust scientists? A Holy Roman Emperor supplies the answer.

When You Assume...

Don't become the butt of the joke.

I'm A African

Meryl Streep got herself in trouble for declaring that we are all African. But she's right. What makes us similar is far greater than what makes us different.

Sex and Violence

"Making a Murderer" is just one of many true crime shows that has become popular. Why is this? Is it a new phenomenon?

Insider Dealing

Oscar time, and a missed opportunity for the Best Picture to be of a radically different kind. Even so—a great year for behavioral science in the movies.

Would You Like Lies With That?

Underlying much of the anti-science talk is a fear that if we admit that we are “just another critter,” then all will be lost.

A Tortured Analogy

Psychologists and the use of torture: Can it ever be justified?

Everything New Under the Sun

Time, identity, and immortality

Buying a Pig in a Poke

What psychologists might say about the David Cameron initiation story.

Once More With Feeling

Crisis schmisis. This is how science works. People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.

Dad Max

Mad Max and the battle of the sexes.

The Importance of Being Wanted

Are the children of gay and lesbian parents likely to suffer adverse outcomes?

Fifty Grades of Shale

50 Shades of Grey is part of a pattern of human behavior going back millennia


Sitting down to stand up to the government

Oh "Hedy" Days of Youth!

Hedy Lamarr: What can a screen goddess and inventor teach us about female orgasm?