Young Men and the Empathy Gap

We have an empathy gap when it comes to having compassion for the challenges boys and young men face, and we're going to lose a whole generation if we don't pay attention.

The New Shyness

The new shyness is about not wanting to make social contact because of not knowing how to, and then further distancing oneself from others the more out of practice one gets.

Is Porn Good For Us or Bad For Us?

Regardless of how you might feel about porn’s value, we need to be asking: What is porn doing to us and are we OK with that?

A New Class of Segregation?

This coming Thursday, the Boy Scouts of America will make a landmark decision about whether or not to allow gays as adult leaders. As a society it has become time for us to ask why it is that we feel homosexuality is “wrong.”

The Demise of Guys

Everyone knows a young man who is struggling. Maybe he’s undermotivated in school, has emotional disturbances, doesn’t get along with others, has few real friends or no girl friends, or is in a gang.