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For the person with ADHD, chronic disorganization is a way of life.  Here are the iPhone apps I use to keep my life as streamlined and paper-free as possible. 

1.  Waze

People with ADHD tend to be directionally-challenged.  Waze tells you the best route for your car trip, and lets you know of upcoming turns, exits, traffic, etc. both visually and auditorily.  I can't tell you how many times Waze has helped me avoid hours of traffic by rerouting me during the trip.  (People with ADHD tend to be allergic to traffic!) 

2.  Grocery IQ

Reduce the amount of "I can't believe I forgot to get that at the store!"  Once you check off an item on your list, it goes into a "master list".  The next time you need an item, you can find it and just check it again.  This is very helpful for frequently purchased items.  Grocery IQ also organizes your items into categories.  No longer are you wandering the store back and forth for items that can be found on the same aisle.

3.  Packing Pro

Keep track of what you need for a trip, and eliminate taking things you don't need.  Packing Pro has "master lists" of things people usually bring for trips, with additional lists for traveling with kids and/or pets.  You can add or delete from these lists as needed.  You can also save specific lists into categories, such as "Business Trip" and "Visiting Family". 

4.  Errands

Errands is a easy to use task list.  For each task you have the option of setting the due date (or recurring due dates), priority (low, medium, high), category (home, work, or any other of your choosing), and reminder alarm.  In addition to typing in the task, there is also a note feature where you can add relevant information such as a contact number or email.

5.  Evernote

Evernote is a well-organized note-taking system.  You can add text, audio, or photos to a note.  You can also create easily manageable categories for notes.  You can send a note to messaging or Twitter, and you can copy a note and paste it into an email. 

6.  TripIt

TripIt automatically finds your travel itinerary emails (flights, hotels, rental car) and puts them in one easy to find location.  I no longer need to print an itinerary - TripIt organizes my travel arrangements by date and gives a different icon color for the type of reservation (flight, hotel, rental car).  People with ADHD tend to respond well to visual cues, so little features like that can really help. 


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