Update:  If you are experiencing a shortage of your medication, email the FDA at drugshortages@fda.hhs.gov.  For more information on drug shortages, visit http://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/drugshortages/default.cfm

The FDA says there's a shortage of ADHD medications.  They've put stimulant medications on their official shortage list.  The DEA says there's no shortage. 

I've been taking Adderall since I was 23.  I'm now, um, considerably older.  I tried to get my Adderall prescription filled a couple of months ago.  For the first time, I was told that my medication was on "back order".  My patients and clients are also having difficulty getting their stimulant prescriptions filled. 

The DEA says there's no shortage.  They say there's enough medication. They claim that drug companies that are using their assigned allotment of chemical to manufacture brand name medications instead of generics.

Then why are people having just as much difficulty getting brand name prescriptions filled as generics? 

Yes, some people abuse stimulant medication.  But there are far, far more people with ADHD that take their medication as prescribed, and it has greatly improved our quality of life.  Not only that, but when people with ADHD take stimulant medication, it actually reduces their rate of substance abuse (Biederman, et al. 2008; Biederman 2003; Wilens et al. 2003).

This has turned into a "he said, she said" argument between the FDA and DEA.  Just let us get the medical treatment we need.

If you don't think there's a stimulant medication shortage, I invite you to go with one of us to try to get our stimulant medication prescription filled. As long as you chip in for gas.  We're going to be driving for a while.


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