Tips for Keeping the Holidays Peaceful for the Kids

Can you keep the holidays joyful for your kids? Tips and tools for married and divorced families.

Teaching Teens Why Sexual Harassment and Assault Is Wrong

Tools for schools and parents to teach teens about sexual harassment and assault as an abuse of power.
Aspiring Families Press

Support Kids Who Lost A Loved One In The Vegas Mass Shooting

A new book and tips to support the kids who lost a loved one in the Las Vegas Mass Shooting.
Hill Air Force Base

Tips and Books to Help Kids Recover From the Hurricanes

Helping includes providing safety, getting children back to school, and creating stability in their lives.

Teaching Kids the Difference Between Prejudice and Respect

Help your children cope with going back to school in tumultuous times.
Aspiring Families Press

Protecting Kids From Divorce Tug-Of-Wars: 10 Golden Rules

Tips and tools to protect children through the loss and conflict of divorce.
An excellent book to help children understand death and dying.

Helping Kids Cope with an Expected Loss

Tips and tools to help children cope with an expected loss

The Manchester and London Bridge Attacks: Helping Kids Cope

Helping kids cope with terrorist attacks and weapon violence: Tips and tools.