What's Harder on the Heart: Mental or Physical Stress?

Cardiovascular responses to mental and physical stress tests

Sorting out the "multiple personalities" of Cholesterol

Forget the standard lipid profile tests your doctor gives you that provide mere, and often meaningless, cholesterol numbers. Ask your doctor for one of the new generation lipid tests that give you REAL information. Your "high" numbers may mean nothing.

Marriage and Heart Health

Stress is a killer, whether it comes from a job or a relationship. Married people experience less cardiovascular disease than single people, however, a bad marriage can be disastrous to the heart.

Anger and Your Heart

Emotions can heal us…and they can also harm us. Among them, anger is like the Achilles heel of the cardiovascular system, a trigger for serious problems, including a heart attack.

Lessons to Learn from Tim Russert's Death

Tim Russert's headline death carries multiple messages for all of us. It brings attention to one of the most insidious realities in cardiology: Ninety percent of the time, people with coronary artery disease are asymptomatic and 50 percent of the time, the very first symptom is sudden death.

Combining Conventional Medicine and Natural Healing=Healthier Hearts

Integration means using the best of both conventional medicine and natural healing. I bank on both to benefit my patients the most. To me that's smart medicine. The results have been fantastic.