The mind can be a great resource.  It allows you to read these words, to organize information, to set goals.  It can often be a bully, though, when we get into the thought patterns that are negative or outmoded for us.

We are usually not aware of our thoughts or thought patterns.  In fact, we may be identified with our thinking mind, believing that we are our minds.  When we first connect with our spiritual self, and then watch our thoughts, we are often surprised at what we hear.

Our thoughts are the beginning point of creating our lives, so it is wise to choose our thoughts, and steer them in the direction that we want them to go.  Our thoughts send a powerful vibrational message to the other aspects of our being directing how we function. If you concentrate on what is wrong with you and what you lack, you will continue these imperfections and lack.  By shifting to positive, encouraging thoughts, seeing things as you wish them to be, you can create the life and health you want.

Beliefs are collections of thought patterns, often shared by groups of people.  It is a good idea to examine our beliefs and be sure they are encouraging and support us in the direction of healing that we choose.

Ways to get there (tools):

  • Meditation
  • Affirmations
  • Limit access to toxic or negative thoughts (TV, news, certain people)
  • Inspirational readings
  • Visualization

About the Author

Marilyn Mitchell M.D.

Marilyn Mitchell, M.D., works in integrative medicine.

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