When describing our two aspects of Heart and Mind, it begins to sound like these are separate from who we are. In truth, we are complex beings with a large repertoire of potential behaviors and powers. Commonly in Western culture, we narrow down our options by cultivating our linear mind, and do not cultivate the more expansive resources within us. We often identify with our minds, that voice running in our heads.

There is a deeper part of our being that is our True Self. Carl Jung described this part. Mystics and poets are aware of this Self. Einstein and other geniuses have tapped into this Self when they are creating and discovering something new. Once they have accessed the potential within, they call upon their minds to communicate their discoveries, to "do the math".

When we simply stop and listen to what our minds are saying to us, we come in contact with this True Self or Inner Self. This is "who" is listening to the linear mind. This Inner Self is also available when we open our Hearts.

About the Author

Marilyn Mitchell M.D.

Marilyn Mitchell, M.D., works in integrative medicine.

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