Dr. Herbert Benson’s Relaxation Response

One of the most valuable things we can do in life is to learn deep relaxation- making an effort to spend some time every day quieting our minds in order to create inner peace and better health

Undefended Love

Holding up our inner defenses requires a lot of work and energy to maintain. The only way we can experience emotional growth in relationships is by learning to be open and honest with ourselves

Mindfulness Through Meditation

Meditation techniques can help an individual to apply mindfulness to the daily life, which can bring about positive change in reactions, emotion and behavior, leading to a more satisfying and fuller life.

Proof of Heaven

"This world of consciousness beyond the body is the true new frontier, not just of science but of humankind itself, and it is my profound hope that what happened to me will bring the world one step closer to accepting it.”

The Four Agreements

In his best-selling book The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz discusses some basic self-limiting beliefs that deprive us of joy and create unnecessary suffering.

9 Steps to Forgiveness

By following these steps to forgiveness, you can reduce your negative feelings and give yourself the benefit of happiness and wellbeing

Thought Patterns and Beliefs: The Mind

If you concentrate on what is wrong with you and what you lack, you will continue these imperfections and lack. By shifting to positive, encouraging thoughts, seeing things as you wish them to be, you can create the life and health you want.

Six Ways to Relieve Stress

Stressful times are inevitable. Living in stress is optional.

Tantric and Taoist Practices to Improve Sex

Both Tantric and Taoist principles consider sexual energy the same as life force

Sexual Issues in Midlife

When dealing with the sometimes sudden changes that come in midlife sexuality, it is important to approach as much openness and honesty as possible.

Sexuality as a Spiritual Practice

Sex is one of the most common ways that people connect with their spiritual selves.

Accessing Your Realm of Well-Being and Healing

Fear is the beginning of all illness and imbalance

Quiet the Mind to Open the Heart (Part 2)

There are two ways of experiencing life: Mind and Heart

Quiet the Mind to Open the Heart (Part 1)

There are two ways of experiencing life: Mind and Heart.

Mind and Heart: Who Am I?

When describing our two aspects of Heart and Mind, it begins to sound like these are separate from who we are. In truth, we are complex beings with a large repertoire of potential behaviors and powers.

Mind and Heart: The Doorways to Existence

We get into trouble when we listen to the voice of our mind and identify it as who we are. We are not our minds, but a much greater consciousness.