That’s What Friends Are For: Friendship During Sickness

When a patient is facing illness, we often consider their social support, that is, one’s network of family, friends and peers who can be leaned on during stressful times. Below, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, some thoughts on offering support during breast cancer treatment are shared.

Kicking Bullying to the Curb!

Parents and children both are seeking answers to how they can stop the seemingly ubiquitous problem of bullying. Below, I offer some ideas for what parents can do, what we can tell our children, and finally some thoughts on the impact of bullying on mental health.

Summertime Check-In With Your Children

As our children start their summer breaks, it’s a great time for a check-in. Some specific areas that might be salient are academic performance, social considerations, and engaging in a healthy lifestyle. Below, these topics will be discussed more fully.

Offering Support During a Difficult Ending

Many students are grappling with an upcoming difficult ending as graduation day approaches. Below, some ideas are shared for how we might be able support our graduates during the transition away from college life.

Easing Transitions for You and Your Children

Families face many transitions, some quite substantial, although all can be disruptive and anxiety provoking. Changes in routine can prove to be difficult for all of us, but especially for children. Below, I offer five tips for helping to ease these potentially challenging occasions for both you and your loved ones.

Making the Transition to Adulthood After Childhood Illness

Transition to adulthood, and specifically to the adult health care system, can be a difficult time for youth who had a childhood illness. Best practices for improving this process are needed. A promising, simple approach may be utilizing a “transition coordinator”.

Saying good-bye to football season

Today, like many, I feel a little down (and exhausted). However, today also reminds me of how much joy being a sports fan can bring. Being a sports fan has many psychological benefits that come to mind as we say good-bye to football season.

Helping a Sick Loved One

Facing the illness of a loved one is painful. Learning how to utilize active coping can help your loved one cope better and can also be an effective strategy to promote your own well-being. Instead of using avoidant coping strategies, there are several ways to cope actively, which can make a difference during such difficult times.