Are You an Enabling Parent?

Parents are hardwired to love and protect their child from birth to death no matter what. What happens when parents begin to unintentionally enable their child?

Feathering the Empty Nest

Couples who were able to maintain their connection through the child rearing years will have a smoother transition into empty nest years.

Adult Children of Alcoholics

Although we cannot change the past or the people we love, healing and recovery are possible with support and guidance.

Could Your Friendships be Threatening Your Marriage?

Friends are a very important part of a healthy life, but not all friends are good for your relationship. When it comes to relationship woes and advice, we may need someone special.

I Love You, Don't Change!

We all know that committed, close relationships are complicated and life often creates situations where change is a natural outcome and in some cases may be forced upon us. We know our loved ones will make choices and decisions we don’t agree with. Hopefully we bounce back, learn from mistakes, and then grow and move on.

What Codependency Is, and What It Isn't

What had been labeled in the past as codependency is actually human beings doing what comes naturally – LOVING.

10 Tips for Easing the Stress of Transition and Change

Some changes in life are forced on us. Aging is one. Other changes are the result of choices we make to better our lives or accomplish goals we have set. Either way, change is challenging and we always have a choice about how we will handle the transition.

Love and Love-Ability

Being love-able means that I am able to be loved, able to make a conscious choice about who I want to love, and accept love when it is offered.

Tips for Managing Your Emotional Ups and Downs

Some days we wake up feeling great and don’t know why, other days we wake up in a low mood with or without consciousness of the reason. What most of us didn’t learn in childhood is that ups and downs are not always related to problems or something you did to cause them. It’s okay to let a slump run its course...

When Is It Time to Leave a Relationship?

There’s currently media frenzy around Anthony Weiner and his wife, Huma Abedin, deciding to stay together and maintain a public life while wrestling with his acknowledged sexually inappropriate behavior and lies. But, we really don’t know anything about their relationship, including their values and their dreams before all this began.

Can Dads Really Have It All?

Simple steps towards a more balanced life

The Perils of Perfectionism in Motherhood

Motherhood can bring out the perfectionist in all of us. Over the years, I have reflected in many conversations with my mother, my 3 sisters and numerous friends about how we raised our respective children. The recurring theme of our discussions was we wished we had been less uptight and more spontaneous—another way of saying we were scared stiff and worried too much.

When Violence Demands that We Find a New Normal

Like many Americans, I spent the past few days watching intensely as the ongoing coverage of the Boston terrorist attacks unfolded – culminating with the dramatic arrest of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in a family’s boat in Watertown, MA. As I did, many thoughts raced through my mind. Some thoughts were based on personal experience and others were simply a common human reaction.

Too Perfect For Love?

Everyone has flaws and that fact connects us with humanity. Pretending we don’t leads to isolation and at best, conditional love.

I Want More From Our Relationship!

Most successful couples have found a balance between time spent together and time apart, but it is an ebb and flow that may be unique to each couple.

Secrets to a Strong, Successful Relationship

Good relationships require true commitment, good communication, mature love and lessons learned from past mistakes.

10 Tips to De-stress Your Relationships

Relationships often face challenges. These challenges can bring about feelings of stress and anxiety that if not properly managed can have serious health risks. Here are 10 tips to help de-stress your relationship.

Fatal Flaws in Celebrity Marriages

Standing in a grocery line last week, I couldn’t ignore the magazine headlines with stories about celebrities and their recent relationship breakups. Since relationships are my favorite subject and career, I decided that as long as we as a culture are fascinated with what happens to celebrities, especially with romance, we might as well try to learn something from them.

Winning the Gold and Unhappy

When you reach a lifelong goal it should feel great, shouldn’t it? Why is it so hard for us to pause, take a breath and feel the joy when a goal is accomplished?

Remarried with Children

The truth is that for all re-married (or recommitted) with children their new life isn’t only about their love for each other, but now must include love and/or acceptance for the other people their partner loves (children) and has loved (ex-partner, extended family, friends).

Simple Steps for Increasing the Love in Our Lives

Feeling love is different from feeling happy. Happy comes and goes. Love can stay as long as you welcome it regardless of circumstances. The love I am referring to is not romantic love. This is simpler and more accessible than tackling the complexities of finding and maintaining an intimate relationship.

10 Points You Must Review Before You Get Married

In many cases, problems in a marriage actually began before the commitment was made and could have been avoided with some serious forethought. I believe in what I now call "practical love," deeply intimate and lasting but it requires more than just love.

Can Life's Disappointments Really Make You Stronger? Part 2

In last week's blog, I asked you to evaluate your response to a disappointment or emotional loss. This week we take a closer look at how pain may actually enhance your life.

Can Life's Disappointments Really Make You Stronger?

Sometimes we can't tell the good news from the bad. It's only in hindsight that our perspective gets clearer and generally all news can have something good in it if we are willing to look at the bigger picture.

Are You a Guilty Parent?

Guilt is an emotion, not a reality or a life sentence. If it isn't faced it will turn into shame, a feeling of worthlessness and a negative sense of self and it can impact your ability to parent.

Losses Big and Small

Grief is what we feel when someone or something we love and really care about is threatened or no longer within our reach. At times of serious loss, if we allow it and pay attention, we will also see that love is what gets us through the ups and downs.

A Bridge Back to Love: How Busy Parents Can Help Their Intimacy Thrive

11 tips to create or renew connection in your relationship.

Healing Our Families: Not Just For Today But For Future Generations

We all know that bad things can happen to anyone at any time, at least intellectually. It is especially difficult when we see tragedy in the news and wonder how families ever recover from it.

The Reality of Love

Maintaining a healthy amount of connection, respect, tenderness and acceptance will ensure the magic returns from time to time. It isn't the same as chemistry but it is much more valuable and lasting.