Thank you Ernie
Thank you Andy
Thank you Mario

You're my father's friends and you were with him at the end or should
I say at his end at the time of his separation from his body.

As I sit in the hand crafted Garden of my father 's ashes I cant help
but notice how full of life the garden is ... His ashes along with my
father in law's ashes are at the base of two maples that my wife has
planted in celebration of their lifetime .

Trees and grass and flowers and

And beautiful, beautiful birds sing while the dogs run around the gate
looking up at the chirping darlings. The dogs always liked my dad and
he was friends with them.

Thank you Ernie
Thank you Andy
Thank you Mario

You're my father's friends and you were with him in his lifetime and
never left him especially at his time for separation from the body.

Thank you Ernie
Thank you Andy
Thank you Mario

My dad was so busy being with you during the transition of
consciousness he barely noticed that he was leaving his physical body.

So busy being with you at parties, on the job site in construction,
and traveling in Europe that He barely noticed the separation of

The doctors attributed it to the progressive neurological condition he
suffered from, a condition making him more and more confused -even
producing periods of delirium.

And I'm one of those doctors so what could I say ....but in my heart I
know he was healing heart to soul.

Back here on Earth in the real world we try to reorient him to the
living... We the living give medication to help them stay focused...
Focused to a realm that no longer served his soul.

At his end living was dying and the body was pain and stiffness and
discomfort at every turn.

Near the end, he surrendered turning and had my mom turn him as he
could not manage this himself any longer . Home Health and Hospice
came to assist, and we avoided hospitalization, keeping him with my
mother, close to me in the most enriching environment available.

In the end surrender was freedom.

My dad lived from his heart and in the end surrendered his body to his
soul which lives powerfully within a dimension of life.

He is free in ecstasy of spirit, no worry, only joy and Peace, for
only joy and peace can make his gardens grow, the birds sing in the
pond come to life for me to enjoy and become inspiration - in spirit ,
every beautiful morning!

Happy Birthday

From Dad to me on my birthday .

Peter J Rappa MD
Medical Director Methodist Rehab Hospital
Dallas Texas
Healing Heart to Soul

Peter J. Rappa MD

About the Author

Peter J. Rappa M.D.

Peter J. Rappa, M.D. is the author of Healing Heart to Soul, which recounts experiences he has had as a healthcare professional. 

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