I believe each emotional energy center in our body has a resonance, that can be awakened by a note of music or a stroke of the artist's brush, great works of art and music awaken our spirit and facilitate the release of neurotransmitters that are often called Welfare hormones... In that way art and music are healing modalities. 

If you can, grab your guitar, sit down at a piano, or pick up a brush and create... Its good for the soul
If not, just close your eyes, hum a tune... where does the power lie... where do you hear and feel the beat. Your heart of course. Feel beauty and truth resonate within the core of your being as it "vibes or jives" connecting us with life itself...

In my core, I can feel the primordial truth resonating with in... The oneness of us all... If I look without prejudice, I will see my brothers and sisters with me... in the myriad forms which is  the glory of you of us.

Close your eyes, imagine a work of art and have your breath taken away by a Monet, a landscape of peace and beauty, the power offered by nature, mother nature. The power of Art opens our Heart and brings a smile to our face.

Gaze upward towards the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, the center of creativity, which elegantly depicts our struggle with power relationships that are true today as in the renaissance..  where the music of an era became classical, and is often in the background of great brushworks on canvas, or the charcoal of a sketch today... and while dances may have evolved , the basic tenets of the arts remain the same. Romance still lives, kids still sway and move to the beat of music, strangers meet in the dark, two by two their bodies become one.. as they join in dance; or for the married of us, eyes dance in dance, the so very telling... what I am trying to say is that I'm Crazy for You... Romance and Love inspire great positive emotions in us all. I recommend it as a therapeutic tool! Open your heart, feel the beat, feel the love.

Music, Art and even Sports empower our sense of self esteem, confidence and courage that is essential to the healing process.

To heal we must resonate with—"I believe, We can do it, I will survive and We are the champions... "

Strong powerful confident, charismatic, beats coursing through our energy system preparing us for the challenges ahead. We see the body system now fueled with alertness, endorphins physically primed allowing us to create our own masterpiece... As we recreate ourselves in health.

Ah, but what about Love, Where is the Heart? How Can You Mend a Broken Heart? Take a moment
and become introspective in the Heart Center. The heart center resonates to love and forgiveness, to
kindness and compassion, compassion for others and compassion for ourselves. Forgiveness is the answer, do forgive yourself...

So... near far or wherever you are... you can use these tools, these gifts... to lift yourself out of struggle and heal. Through the power within Music, Art and Sport... Sometimes I Get a Good Feeling.

About the Author

Peter J. Rappa M.D.

Peter J. Rappa, M.D. is the author of Healing Heart to Soul, which recounts experiences he has had as a healthcare professional. 

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