A man puts on his suit in the blackness of morning, "booked back to back all day long", he mutters before he finds his keys and coffee gift card to tackle another un-do-able day.

A woman quietly closes her one-bedroom apartment door. She missed kissing them to bed at midnight and 6 AM has come too early, as her clean scrubs swish as she whispers "I love" to the sleeping children.

Each go away, out into the matrix where their spiritual assets are be tested. 

He will have an opportunity to gain honor and personal power today...though he knows not what he is in for. He knows he is acting as a steward for those he serves, for those he gives voice to as he sits among men who can buy him and sell him five times over. While he long ago stopped atending services; he does a daily accounting of his motives, of his mission to help him stay integrous in the court of men. He lives his spirituality every day, tested it seems at every turn.

Her challenge will be that of compassion, as she she weighs through the carnage as a result of man slaughtering man for city turf or white powder or green paper carrying the faces of our great past presidents. It is easy to become jaded by those who see with contempt. But she offers a silent prayer and says, "There but for the Grace of God go I, my children and family." Today she will be asked to doe her job and bring care and comfort through kindness to gods children who know not what they do. Unknowingly, she will bring her spirituality to work, in her own way.

As I leave the house this morning, I....

About the Author

Peter J. Rappa M.D.

Peter J. Rappa, M.D. is the author of Healing Heart to Soul, which recounts experiences he has had as a healthcare professional. 

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