Questioning :The Hot Hand Phenomena

The Hot Hand Phenomena—does it exist? And if so: is it readily recognizable by the athlete experiencing it when in the Zone? Also can it be created at will?


Your anxiety will improve as you work through your fears no matter what your age…your symptoms will improve as you understand your feelings of loss and put them in the proper context,” I told her. “Despite your age, I believe you have what it takes to heal a part of yourself that is injured. And I am talking about more than your injured leg…”

Friday Night Foley; Notes from The Heart

So, in humility, I asked for help. In sincerity, I asked to be of help. What followed was joy…thankfulness. I realize now that every prayer in sincerity is answered; even before I have asked, it has been answered. Yet sometimes, even now, it is I who still has difficulty deciphering the answers.


Discussing death with our loved ones.

Concussions and Sports

Today there's definitely a spotlight on concussions in sports particularly in NFL football players. However, it's not just concussions that are a risk factor but also sub concussive impacts that play a part in future brain injury and future disability.

Sports Psychology: Coaching Trust

It's playoff time. College and High school basketball is over.

Peyton Manning: Healing the Heart—Moving On

Peyton Manning separated from the Indianapolis Colts today with a heartfelt goodbye that resonated with high quality energy freeing him up to move ahead.

The Gift

A tale of Creation and Opportunity.