Why Are Fathers so Angry at Sons?

Being a dad involves a lot of self-discipline. When sons show none, a father's unhelpful anger is only too natural.

The Real Reason Behind Teen Anxiety and Depression

The real reason for increased anxiety and depression among young people is deeper and bigger than is often recognized.

Do Bad Feelings Serve a Purpose?

Life is full of bumps, but our emotions are what allow us to spread the pain over time and avoid more serious damage.

Failure to Launch: What do we (mom & dad) do now?

Helen and Bill were at their wits end with their son, Josh, 22. What can parents do to help young people struggling with adult life?

Failure to Launch Syndrome

There are many "causes," but one real reason stands out to explain today's epidemic of young adults who remain stuck in life.

Launching Your Young Adult

When young adults get stuck, there is almost always one parent who has trouble setting limits while the other's love is too tough.

Attachment to Your Therapist

Are you strongly attached to your therapist? Here are some answers.

Why Humans Have Problems

Of course we have problems. Of course our minds, evolved to guide us, often misguide us. Find out why and what to do about it.

Is Your Therapy Working as it Should?

Not all therapies produce the results you want. How good is yours?

Motivating Yourself and Others

New insight into how motivation really works to energize our pursuit of goals.

Start a New Relationship the Right Way

When relationships don't work out, there were usually signs at the beginning. Here's how to recognize them.

A Positive Template for Ending Marital Fights

When marital fighting is hard to stop, then a having a positive template can make it easier to stop the arguing.

Codependency in Five Easy Lessons

Codependency can be confusing for people in a relationship with someone who has an addiction to alcohol, drugs or compulsive behaviors. Here is a simple way to understand what is going on and avoid the pitfalls.

3 Kinds of Motivation for Addiction Recovery

How can you know you have left "no stone unturned" in trying to help someone you care about who suffers from addiction to alcohol, drugs or some destructive behavior?

Tips for Launching Your Young Adult

Six tips for parents of young adults who are stuck. Parents often have more power than they realize to help, and here is how.

Addiction: The Two Critical Questions

Joan had to learn on her own. Here is how she tackled the two key questions she had to answer.

Intervening in Family Conflict

To intervene on a family in conflict, we need to understand the mammalian brain and how to help members move from a state of defense to one of empathy and understanding. Here is how to recognize what is happening and intervene.

Inner Children and Holidays

Too many of us spoil our holidays by being too grown-up. This is the time to put shame aside and honor your inner child. Are you afraid that the child will take over or be too demanding? Here is why we are hard on our inner children and how safely to let them out to play.

The Worst Thanksgiving

A little girl's experience sheds light on how we all need to nurture our young selves.

The Little Fix that Goes All the Way

Sharing feelings with a trusted person is the simplest way to heal difficult emotions. New understanding shows that the same process does the heavy lifting in psychotherapy as well.