In Search of Constructive Conversations

Initiate, be humble, listen, find common ground, be cool, think big, keep it short, and end on a positive note.

What Psychoanalysis Can Do For You

How to find a way out of vicious circles, and a new path forward.

The Difference Between Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy

There are so many different types of psychotherapy. How do I tell the difference and find an approach that is right for me?

Clearing Out Weeds and Nurturing Buds of Change

If we really want to change, we must work to clear the weeds that get in the way of our mental health and nurture the innate strengths that are there. A balanced approach is key.

Do You Worry?

Worry is an ordinary part of human experience: a protection from danger, a sign that we care, and a struggle to face the inevitable uncertainties of life.

Finding a Useful Perspective in Troubling Times

The story of an immigrant's resilience, determination, and fight for hope.

Progress and the Human Psyche

Here is a question for you: which force will be in the driver’s seat of your heart, your mind, and your society? Entropy, homeostasis, or progress?
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Falling Down and Getting Up Again

Whatever we may feel about these election results, we must pick ourselves up and carry on. There's work to do.

The Antidote to Envy

Envy tells us that someone, somewhere has it all—but it just isn’t true. The best we can do is be thankful for what we have and try to do something useful with it.

The Cost of Cynicism

President Obama has challenged us “to reject cynicism and to reject fear, and to summon what is best in us…” It may be the biggest choice we ever make.

How to Make Political Conversations More Productive

Being able to talk together constructively is a small but mighty consolation in these troubling times.

Why Politics Are So Hard: A Psychoanalyst’s Perspective

Fear of survival and fear of loss are powerful human motivators.

The Vulnerability Revolution

If we want to develop security, peace of mind, worthiness and meaning in life, we would do well to join the vulnerability revolution.

Psychoanalysis as Core Training

When a person has a strong core, you’ll see it in how they live their lives: with more patience, tolerance, self-control, courage, creativity, openness, and love.
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7 Signs of Mental Health

When reflecting on how you are faring on the journey toward mental health, check in with yourself to see if your life is trending toward these seven core capacities.

Going to Therapy: A Sign of Sanity or Insanity?

Is going to therapy evidence of deep, dark problems or a sign of health and maturity?

Let's Cut New Moms Some Slack

Modern mothering is the best and the worst, light and darkness, hope and despair, all rolled into one. And too few people are talking about it.

How to Navigate the Perils of Creative Success

The case for magic, fairies, and gratitude

Will Psychoanalysis Evolve with a Changing World?

Psychoanalysis purports to be all about change. But will psychoanalysis keep up with a changing world?

You Have an Inner World: So What?

From Pixar’s recently released animated film Inside Out to the Netflix original series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, the idea that we each have a lively, complex emotional inner world is hot, hot, hot! But does it really matter?

How Does Psychotherapy Really Work? It’s Not What You Think

From an outsider’s perspective, there are all sorts of ideas about how the so-called “talking cure” works—most of them are not true.

How to Be a Good Enough Mother

Good enough is as good as it gets when it comes to mothering—and it is as good as it needs to be.

Bouncing Back Instead of Falling Down

Are the keys to your life in someone else's pocket from the past or in your own today?

Lessons From the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Do you live by the philosophy of Outside-In or Inside-Out? Love or hate the show, there’s some first rate psychological wisdom in it.

Why Be Ordinary?

Because you don't win a gold medal by trying to win a gold medal.
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The Ordinary Hero's Journey: Part I

You may be wondering why a psychoanalyst is writing about the hero’s journey—isn’t that the domain of Joseph Campbell, the stuff of mythology, religion, literature, and History channel documentaries? Well, the reason is simple.

How to Manage Your Feelings Successfully

The key to managing our feelings is to be able to hold onto them, think about them, and use them to guide us into a more rich and meaningful life. We are most fortunate if we have someone who is capable of doing this for us and willing to help us learn to do it for ourselves.

Getting Rid of Your Feelings: Does It Help?

Because feelings can be so overwhelming, we often have the misconception that the best way to deal with them is to get rid of them. We imagine that life would be so much easier if we could just shut them down entirely and for good.

What Should I Look For in a Therapist?

How to tell if you are somewhere safe with somebody good

Anne Lamott, Blogging, and Psychotherapy

What do Anne Lamott, blogging, and psychotherapy have in common? Find out here.