Me and a friend just hanging out and loving life

I just got off the phone with a very dear friend of mine. She and I are senior faculty for the Center for Mind-Body Medicine. This woman has facilitated hundreds of people towards a deeper, more loving appreciation for themselves through her compassionate work with the center and in her private practices as a therapist and masseuse.

And yet, she, like so many of us, somehow cannot own her greatness, her beauty, and her amazing capacity to inspire and lead others. Humility? Yes, I suppose so. But I think, in these troubled times, humility is somewhat overrated. I think it’s time for those of us who are committed to helping others, to shining light in dark places, to bringing joy to places where cynicism and doubt currently rule – we need to stand up and speak. Loudly. With authority.

My friend has been to Gaza, to Haiti, and many other places where people are suffering every day. She carries with her faith, forgiveness, and the power of simple generosity everywhere she goes. I love her. I believe in her, and in my mind, she is a rock star. For the rest of my life, my goal will be to help her see how brilliant she really is.

Who sees your brilliance? Who hears your self doubt and your fears and says, “No, honey, you are amazing, and you need to own that.” Those are the people who you need to keep close. Not the yes men and posers – you know what I mean. There are people in your life who see the beauty in you that you might not always recognize.

 On this day, after the horror of the Aurora shootings, in the midst of yet another surreal political standoff, as more and more of us question what it really takes to be happy – take a few minutes to remind yourself who your friends are. Who has your back? Who thinks you rock?

 Do yourself a favor: call one of your loving fans and say hey. Send an email or Facebook message or write a letter – reach out to your network of close loving peeps. Get a shot of happiness and inspiration. You are loved, you are appreciated – you are hot! Don’t forget that. Take that sweetness and pass it on. You, and everyone around you, will be happier for it. 

About the Author

Claire Wheeler M.D., Ph.D.

Claire Wheeler, M.D., Ph.D., teaches at Oregon Health and Science University.

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