College Graduation Reference Confidential

Letters of reference or recommendation are important for future jobs or post-graduate educational opportunities—secure them now, not later.

College Students, Make Your Summer Plans NOW!

Summer will soon be here and college students, especially psychology majors, need to make plans in order to maximize their opportunities.

Social Class

Social class is the sociocultural elephant in the room, but we need to talk about it and learn about it to understand the state of our nation.

Career Counseling and the Psychology Major

How can psychology majors prepare for the world of work if graduate school is not their goal?

The End Is Near!

Final exams will be here shortly for college students around the country—what can they do to do their best on them? Here are some suggestions based on psychological science!

Helping Students Cope with the Elephant in the Room

The election is over, the outcome a surprise, and many students are struggling to make sense of it all. What can psychology educators do to help?

A Scary Thought for Students

The frost may or may not be on the pumpkin, but one thing is for sure: The fall semester is fading fast. It will be over before you know it. Where do you stand in your classes?

Applying to Grad School in Psychology?

If you or someone you know is a college senior or a college graduate who wants to go for a graduate degree in psychology, the time to apply is soon—get organized now!

Attendance Matters!

Attending class creates community—it's a student's responsibility to attend.

Making the Transition From High School and Home to College

First time college students and their parents both have to deal with big changes—what are some suggestions that can help make the transition a smooth one?

Study Abroad!

Study abroad is a mind-expanding opportunity. Why don't more psychology majors seek international experiences? How can faculty or families help?

Small Changes in Teaching

You don't have to completely change the way you teach a course—small adjustments can pay large dividends for you and your students.

Have a Productive Summer Writing

Lots of people, particularly academics and students, want to use the lazy, hazy days of summer to be productive writers—but they don't know how to get started. Here are some tips.

An Alert for Psychology Majors

Given students concern about admission to grad school or gainful employment, is pursuing a minor a good idea?

Freshman Year Is Done and Over

First year college students—soon-to-be sophomores—are heading home for the summer. How can they use their summer wisely?

It's Student Psychology Conference Season

Many psychology students engage in high impact practices like course-based or independent research. They should share their efforts at a Student Research Conference (SRC).

Getting Into Graduate School in Psychology

What qualities comprise a solid application to graduate school in psychology?

New Numbers on Undergraduate Psychology Majors Post-College

What happens to psychology majors where salary, employment, and graduate degrees are concerned?

Psychology Student Career Planning 101

How can psychology majors get a leg up in their futures, whether they envision a job, grad school, or something else?

New Term, New Start: Avoiding the (Sophomore) Slump

Why do students sometimes have an off semester academically? What can be done to ward off such academic "slumps"?

College Stress 101: Keeping a Stress Diary

Can tracking the stressors in your daily life be helpful? Yes, it can.

Thanksgiving Perils for College Students

Should you grill college students about their choices (major, minor, intended career, unknown future) while the turkey is being carved? Consider some golden rules of engagement for this often ambivalent holiday.

A New Stanford Prison Experiment?

Do we need a film version of the 70's social psychology classic, The Stanford Prison Experiment? Emphatically, yes—you and your students should watch it.

Time Management 101

College students, especially those in their first year, often struggle with time management. How can they learn to use their time wisely while still reserving some for recreation and socializing? Documenting where and how they spend (and often lose) their time is a good first step.

Ten Academic Commandments for College Students

What are some straightforward strategies for academic success that any student can try? Here is a list of ten basic ones that are a great place to start, whether you are a new or a veteran student.

The Crucial First Week of College Classes: Get a Good Start

Freshmen or first-year college students can adjust to college and university life by developing good habits and routines for going to class and preparing for class. Such advice is obvious and helpful, but often ignored. If you are a freshmen or know one, read this advice. Why not give it try?

Some Advice for First-Time College Students and Parents

It's normal for first time college students and their parents to be a little jittery about this exciting transition and there are things to think about and to do that can make it a good one.

Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Teaching Psychology

Fewer students enjoy reading for reading's sake—we need to integrate literary fiction and good non-fiction into the classroom. Doing so can bring psychological ideas alive but also help students appreciate reading for pleasure and insight into behavior.

Sharing Ideas

Sharing ideas about teaching with colleagues should happen more often than it likely does--there is always practical advice that experienced instructors can share with new teachers.

Step Away From the Cell Phone

What are we missing when we focus too much attention on our smartphones?