A Self-Esteem Manifesto

As invisible and alone as you may feel, take this opportunity to declare, first to yourself and then to others, that you are committed to becoming fully engaged in life.

How to Get Over Being Blindsided by a Breakup

Try these four ways to cope with your breakup blindside. They'll make the unreal real and help you avoid being blindsided again in the future.

4 Ways to Determine if You Have Self-Esteem Issues

If you struggle with self-esteem, you likely, repeatedly hit the same roadblocks within yourself and feel at a loss for improving your situation. There's a way out of this spiral.

Do You Outsource Your Self-Esteem to Relationships?

It’s a sad reality that people who haven’t been loved adequately in childhood are often loved inadequately in adulthood. There's a way to break this pattern.

5 Myths About How to Deal With a Breakup

Don't fall prey to these misconceptions about what you should be doing to grieve the loss of your marriage or long-term relationship.

4 Expert Tips on Emotionally Preparing for Divorce

Many people I talk to want to know how to best manage the psychology of divorce. Direct your attention on these four key areas—financial, parental, emotional and social.

5 Ways To Come Back From a Rough Breakup

Endless self-criticism will get you nowhere and will only intensify the hurt. Here are 5 ways to get over your ex with your self-esteem intact.

5 Pieces of Advice You Should Ignore After a Breakup

Coming to terms with the end of your romantic relationship or marriage? Here are five well-meaning pieces of advice you shouldn't take to heart.

This Is the Most Important Step to Take After a Breakup

Research shows that women experience greater pain and heartache after a break up than men.

How to Get Over an Ex (and Avoid Some Major Mistakes)

When faced with the loss of a relationship we tend to vilify or idealize our ex. There is a way out of this obsessive thinking that will help you to heal faster.

5 Ways to Tell If Your Relationship Is Built to Last

Are you riddled with angst over whether or not all is well and secure in your romantic partnership? Here are five ways to help determine if you need to let this relationship go.

5 Ways to Bring More Intimacy into Your Life

More than personal successes or riches, people who are the happiest and physically healthiest in old age are those who maintain close relationships. Here are 5 ways to start.

Talking To Your Kids About Sex

If you are not talking about it, you're missing an opportunity to build a closer relationship with your child. Here are 5 points to keep in mind when it comes to the "sex talk."

5 Ways We Sabotage Our Relationships (and How to Stop)

Consider that there may be deeper forces operating between you and your partners--here are 5 common ways people self-sabotage in romance.

5 Myths About Happy Couples (and Why They're False)

Lets get real:True love is not always roses and chocolates. Giving up fairytale fantasies means you won’t be dismayed when love’s reality shows itself to be different than reality.

5 Signs You Might Really Be Dating a Man-Child

Consider if you are dating someone you will have to carry along in life or a real partner you can depend upon. Here are 5 signs that you might be dating a “man-child.”

5 Beliefs to Radically Transform Unhappiness to Wellbeing

Are you sad, anxious, managing a difficult relationship, grief or divorce? Are you feeling the stress of medical issues, parenting or work? Like flipping on a switch, changing the meaning you ascribe to life’s hardships instantaneously short circuits the thoughts that breed negative emotions. Adopt these 5 beliefs to transform unhappiness to wellbeing.

When Your "Inner Child" Hijacks Your Adult Relationships

When “little you” goes unchecked, destructive relationship dynamics can wreak havoc on your adult life. Here are 4 examples of dysfunctional inner child patterns and how to better access the ‘adult you.’

5 Reasons Fairy-Tale Romances Almost Always Go Wrong

The cultural roots of the warrior/hunter man and the feminine/passive-gatherer woman are reflected in the princess and knight in shining armor mentality promoted today. Although compelling, fairy tale expectations set many men and women up for eventual romantic defeat. Here are five reasons why fairy tale dreams often lead to misery in romance.

Why Are Emotionally Unavailable Men So Damn Desirable?

The allure of emotionally unavailable men is undeniable to many. Women caught up in their charms often spend inordinate time, energy, and internal resources working to get their special attention. Here are 5 reasons why unavailable men carry such value.

5 Ways to Get Closer

Here are 5 steps to take to get more comfortable being you with others and deepening all of your relationships—family, romantic, social and even professional.

5 Ways To Harness Your Inner PR Team

Women are notorious for rolling their eyes at those women who seem “uppity” or unapologetically positive about themselves. As a result many women spend less time promoting themselves and more time working to be accepted and liked--and miss opportunities as a result. Here are 5 ways to become more comfortable publicly supporting yourself so you may better get what you want.

The New You and Relationship Resolutions

Forget resolving to ‘be a better person’ this year. Instead, resolve to treat yourself as you wish others would treat you. As you improve your relationship with you, much of the rest of your life (including enjoying those you love most and coping with those that are harder to deal with) will reflect the ease and wellbeing you feel within. Here are 5 resolutions for you.

5 Reasons You Shouldn't Fear the End of a Relationship

Many couples have a motivated desire to work harder on their marriages. For others, however, they find themselves stuck, unable to improve the marriage and unable to leave. Here are five reasons why, in some cases, divorce may be the right decision.

What Do Men Need From Women? 5 Insights

How many times have you felt upset by something your male partner said or didn’t say, did or didn’t do and then found yourself concluding that whatever the issue it results from his very maleness, from the sheer fact that he is a man, that he simply ‘can’t help it.’ Here are 5 insights into how men think and what they need from their female partners.

When Women Should Say "Enough is Enough" to Social Media

Teenage girls and adult women are often emotionally bruised when social media becomes their North Star for finding meaning and purpose in life. There are limits to what social media can positively provide and female users who do not understand these limits may struggle in a variety of ways. Here are four myths about social media.

Five Ways to Transcend the "Marry-Me" Mindset

Many cultivate a fantasy that when true love is present, a long-term relationship will magically materialize. Reading tea leaves and pulling petals from flowers-- “He loves me, He loves me not”-- does not manifest commitment. Keep these five points in mind to avoid the frustration and heartbreak that comes when love lingers but can't get off the ground.

Ambivalent Men, and the Women Who Love Them

The non-committal, emotionally unavailable man pairing with an overly attentive female who is willing to hang in there–no matter what–is a surprisingly common relationship. Always eager to sow wild oats, the male in this dynamic is frequently described as “a player.” Whether you are an ambivalent man or a woman who loves one, there is a way out of this trap.

Finding Love, the Old-Fashioned Way

Some differentiate dating as "fun and casual" while courting is "serious" with an eye toward marriage. For others, courting is entirely old school and not at all to be taken seriously. When done effectively, courting is an excellent way to improve the chance of finding a highly suitable romantic match. Here are 5 points that foster effective courting.

The Hidden Danger of Trying to Get Along With Everyone

Unhappy relationships have a deeply hurtful impact on the self-image and self-esteem of women. New research is showing that relationship quality not only impacts psychological wellbeing but, even more astounding, the mortality of women. Here are 5 strategies to not only play to win hearts in your relationships but also for your own long-term physical and mental health.