Happiness With Life 6: Serve Yourself a Slice of Happiness

I don't care how physicists define time. Time, to me, is choice. This blog, Serve Yourself a Slice of Happiness, provides the mindsets and strategies to choose pleasure each and every day of our lives.

Happiness With Life 5: Treasure Today As A Gift

Today is the only day we have. We not only want to not waste it, but we want to take advantage of it by mining each and every opportunity it offers to supply your pleasure and happiness.

Happiness With Life 4: Gracefully Lump Feel Bads

Life can’t always be fun and good. At times, we will all face feel-bads. Learn what to do in this blog so that while you have them they won’t have you.

Happiness With Life 3: Practice Gratitude

The things in your life do not need to change for you to be happy, but your attitude may very well have to. In this blog, you will discover how the attitude of gratitude can add significantly to your happiness quotient.

Happiness With Life 2: Practice Perspective

Life is full of frustrations, disappointments, and adversities. But, happiness busting depression, anxiety, and bitterness do not result from these hardships, but rather from the catastrophizing we do about them. Learn in this blog how to live a life of perspective, devoid of awfulizing and horriblizing, thereby being able to find happiness even amidst adversity.

Happiness With Life 1: Hold Nothing Necessary

Living passionately, that is putting it all out there to get what you want in life, is a cornerstone of happiness. But, a big spoiler is when you think and act as if you absolutely need what you want. Learn in this blog the value of and strategies to lead a life without need or necessity.

Happiness With Others 10: Leave A Trail Of Happiness

What goes around comes around. The more we leave a trail of happiness for others to follow, the more happiness we find as well. Learn the five powerful strategies that, through bringing happiness to others, returns it to us in kind.

Happiness With Others: Practice Win–Win

You will undoubtedly face happiness-challenging differences and disagreements at times in all your significant relationships. How you handle them will go a long way to determining both the quality of these relationships and the amount of pleasure you derive from them. See how to turn your relationship differences and disagreements into diamonds.

Happiness With Others 8: Listen, Listen, Listen

Happiness with others is a two way street; to get, you’ve got to give. Listening to another — to both their thoughts and their feelings — goes a long way to building the trust and goodwill that leads to relationship harmony and happiness.

Happiness With Others 7: Be A Relentless Giver

A sure fire path to happiness is to focus on being a giver, not a getter. By doing so, you get double the bang for your buck: you get the pleasure of giving, then the pleasure of the appreciation you get in return. Find out the whys and wherefores in this Happiness On Purpose blog, "Be A Relentless Giver."

Happiness With Others 6: Choose Friends and Lovers Wisely

Happiness in life in part requires happiness in your relationships. In addition to being healthy of attitude and skillful of technique, relationship happiness requires you to choose carefully whom you will have a relationship.

Happiness With Others 5: Expect Misbehavior

We do not live among saints or angels, but, alas, among flesh and blood people with feet of clay. To get along with them, and get as much happiness from them as possible, we’d better get real and expect them to misbehave.

Happiness With Others 4: Don't Be Needy

Self-doubt, insecurity, and neediness can not only destroy happiness in and of themselves, but they can make a person unattractive to others, thereby creating a never-ending, happiness-destroying vicious circle.

Happiness with Others 3: Be Generous of Spirit

Find out how to rocket your happiness to new levels by becoming a living, breathing source of generosity.

Happiness With Others 2: Take Nothing Personal

Living with and among others is never easy. It will inevitably bring you slights, insults, and other offenses. Learn in this blog how to increase your happiness quotient by eliminating all hurt, feelings of offense, defensiveness, and anger, opening the way to gathering as much love and pleasure as you can.

Happiness With Others 1: Premeditated Acceptance/Forgiveness

We do not live on a desert island. We live with and among other human beings. Sometimes they provide us with pleasure. At other times, they disappoint, frustrate, and aggrieve us. To live a life filled with happiness, we must fully embrace those pleasures while not letting the negatives cheat us of our happiness. One powerful strategy to do this is to develop Premeditated

The Power Of Passionate Purpose

Isn't one of the biggest compliments we can be paid is that we led a meaningful life? A life of meaning not only enriches the life of others, but one's own as well. Learn how The Power of Passionate Purpose can aid you in your quest for satisfaction, happiness, and even joy.

Lighten Up And Laugh

Life has a knack of populating our path with hardships and hassles. Our job is not only to navigate through these, but to create as much healthy pleasure and fun as we can along the way. Lightening up and laughing is a rich tool to help us do that. Laughter IS the best medicine.

Take Time To Savor

Today is the only this day you'll ever live. It is here now, but it will soon be gone, part of your past, never to be experienced again, except in your memory. Will you look back on it with pleasure and delight, or will you see it as just another one of those days that have blended one into another? The truth is the choice is yours. Savoring can make the difference.

Speak Up For Yourself

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. How about the Diamond Rule: Do unto you what you’d have others do unto you. Unless you practice Enlightened Self-Interest — not Selflessness or Selfishness — you will limit your full potential for happiness.

Take Care of Your Body

To frolic in the sand and surf of your favorite beach, you must have a reliable vehicle to get there. Likewise, your happiness requires you to travel in a healthy body, one full of energy, and built to endure.

Do What Gives You Pleasure — Every Day

A pleasure a day keeps the doctor away. Learn simple, yet effective strategies to bring fun, pleasure, and, yes, joy into every day of your life.

Refuse To Self-Pity

How we respond when hardships, hassles, and even tragedies befall goes a long way toward determining our happiness quotient. Will you be a victim or a take-charger? Find out how to keep on keeping on no matter what.

Want, Don't Need

Learn how to be a big wanter, working hard to get what you want in life, without becoming addicted to or dependant on it.

Be Perfectly Imperfect

Find the keys to letting go of the perfectionism that blocks your ability to experience life as a happy person. The bottom line: be perfect at being imperfect.

The Appreciate You Project

What you focus on determines your mood. Focusing on your negatives can be deadly, bring your mood down and destroy your confidence. To be happy: Focus on your postiives.

Unconditional Self-Acceptance

Our most prized possession is our self. How we view our self is the cornerstone of our happiness. Discover the secret to unconditional self-acceptance.

The Five Happiness Power Principles

Principles precede practices. All the best of intentions will be for naught if not supported by the right principles. The Five Happiness Power Principles prompt one to sustain the actions necessary to create a life you love to life.

The Serious Business of Being Happy

There is good and bad news along the path to happiness. The bad news is that happiness does not come easy. The good news is that people have succeeded in creating happiness and they have left clues. This starts your happiness journey.